Online Student Account Center

The Cashier’s Office is proud to offer an Online Student Account Center to help both students and parents better manage the financial investment in their education at Dallas Baptist University.

Students will have access to the online student account center by clicking on the "TouchNet" tile in their MyDBU account. Parents can gain access to their student’s account by being enabled as an Authorized User by their students in the student account center.

To learn more about the DBU online Student Account Center, please refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) section below.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the Cashier’s Office at (214) 333-5336 or via email at We are here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Student Account Center do?

The Student Account Center is an online student financial system designed to help students better manage their tuition bills, payment plans, and refunds at DBU.

How is this different from what I've used before?

The Student Account Center contains several options that can be managed completely online. Some features include online payment plans, refund check direct deposit, and electronic student account statements. You will also be able to view guaranteed financial aid on your account.

What if my financial aid is incorrect on my account?

If the amount of financial aid displayed on your account is incorrect, you may call the DBU Financial Aid Office for more information. Your estimated financial aid must either be accepted or guaranteed by the Financial Aid Office to display in your account center. To ensure that this gets done in a timely manner, please fill out the DBU Supplemental Application for Financial Aid and turn it into the Financial Aid Office at the proper time.

Where is the Student Account Center located?

Each student and authorized user will be able to access the Student Account Center through the MyDBU portal. Students will click on the “TouchNet” tile and be directed to their tuition account. Authorized users will click the “Authorized User Access” like under the Financial Information section and be directly taken to the Student Account Center.

What if my parent/guardian/employer pays for my education? How can they get access to my account?

The account center offers the ability for students to authorize access to a user/parent to view their student account. To grant your parent access, you will need to log into the Student Account Center through your MyDBU account. You will then find this option under the “Authorized Users” tab. To authorize your parent, enter their e-mail address and they will be e-mailed personal login information. Authorized users will be able to log in to their individual account profile at Authorized User Pay. Once they log in, they will then have access to pay on or view your student account.

How do you remove parent/authorized user access?

If at any time you need to remove authorized user access, you can do so through the “Authorized Users” tab. Under the “Current Authorized Users” section you will see the authorized users who currently have access to your account. To remove them from accessing your account, simply click the “Delete” option and confirm their access removal. You can always give them access again at any point in time.

How do I make a payment?

Throughout the account center, you will see several “Make A Payment” options that will direct you on how to pay your bill. Click on any of these options and choose a payment method to make a payment and you will be directed through the payment process.

Can I save my payment methods for future use?

Yes, under the “My Profiles” tab you will have the option to edit, add, and save your payment methods. Also, if you use a new payment method to make a payment, you will have the option to save that method during the payment process. You can also schedule payments to automatically occur on a certain date.

Can anyone else access my student account?

Only students and parents who have been granted access will be able to access the Student Account Center.

Is the Student Account Center secure?

Yes, the Student Account Center is remotely managed by an online financial software company called TouchNet. TouchNet employs state of the art technology that makes student accounts more secure and better managed than ever before. The information located in your online student account center is 100% protected and secured by an HTTPS encrypted server.

What is TouchNet?

TouchNet is an online financial software entity that DBU has formed a partnership with to remotely and securely manage the Student Account Center through their third-party site. TouchNet is the industry leader in providing secure payment and access to student account information. For more information, visit TouchNet.