University Housing at Dallas Baptist University

As one of the chief components accompanying the educational experience, Dallas Baptist University aims to provide excellent on-campus living by offering several housing options to help students transition to life on their own. It has been proven that living on campus versus living off campus can drastically affect the college experience. While being surrounded by a supportive, encouraging staff and community, students can experience a variety of cultures and engage in Christ-centered service, events, and living-learning opportunities. DBU on-campus housing aims to cultivate the holistic development of the student academically, socially, physically, and spiritually. First-year students begin their academic journey in the Residence Halls and as they grow in their academics and independence, more housing options are made available to upperclassmen in the Colonial Village Apartments and Williamsburg Village Townhomes and Brownstones.

group of college girls standing outside of Spence Hall - the girls' dorm

Residence Halls

As students transition to Dallas Baptist University, the community-style living in the residence halls at DBU produces a unique dorm atmosphere to support students' academic growth through developing Christ-centered relationships.

a group of students sitting on the front porch of a brownstone

University Apartments

While transitioning to upperclassman housing, a unique opportunity for building community and growing in all aspects of life arises. The option of university apartments, brownstones, or townhomes allows students to choose which on-campus living option suits them best.

a group of girls sitting around a dining table in a Ford Village apartment

Ford Village

DBU's Residential College, Ford Village, allows students to develop close-knit friendships with students who share similar goals for developing knowledge, character, and leadership principles in pursuing Christ-likeness with unique mentoring relationships and monthly programming.

college students sitting and talking on the couches in the DBU Coffeehouse

Dining Services

DBU's Dining Services provides students, faculty, and staff with several campus locations for enjoying a meal. Whether by serving a meal in the Crowley Dining Hall or a cup of coffee from the DBU Coffeehouse, Dining Services is pleased to partner with all of our DBU family.