Spence Hall - Female Residence Hall

headshot of Hannah Malkey

Hello! My name is Hannah Malkey, and I serve as the Resident Director of Spence Hall. I began attending DBU in 2014, and some of my favorite memories from college come from living in the dorms. I lived in Spence for three years while working as an RA and got to make lasting friendships of my own while seeing so many be formed. Communal living means many opportunities to grow in your faith in Christ, learn more about yourself, and be a part of a community. This happens in countless ways - conversations, movie nights, and study sessions to name a few. My prayer for residents of Spence is that they would embrace the opportunity to form new relationships and feel supported and encouraged to grow in their walk with Christ.

Hannah Malkey
(214) 333-5456

Spence Hall is one of the female residence halls at DBU. In Spence there are seven RAs. The RAs are responsible for planning hall events each month, conducting meetings, and just being available for their girls. The rooms are set up suite-style, where two rooms of girls share one bathroom.

dallas college - inside girls dorms room - spence dorm

Floor Plan

floorplan for spence hall dorm room