Lange Hall - Male Residence Hall

Nate Alaniz

Hello! My name is Nate Alaniz and it is an honor to be the Resident Director for Lange! I first came to DBU as a transfer student in the Spring 2013 semester and finished with my BA in Biblical Studies in 2015. Lange was the first dorm I lived in and I served as an RA in Williams for rest of my time at DBU. Since then, I married my wife Haley, became a dad to two awesome boys, was a Student Pastor for 5 years, and finished my MA in Christian Apologetics from Biola University. I am thankful to be back at DBU as it was a place of tremendous spiritual growth and where I made some amazing friendships. I look forward to what the Lord will do during my time as the RD of Lange, and I pray that incoming residents of Lange will grow in many ways during their time here at DBU. 

Nate Alaniz
Resident Director

Lange Hall serves as one of the male residence halls. The style of living is identical to Williams Hall. Rooms are set up as suites with no more than five residents sharing a bathroom. Lange Hall also has five Resident Assistants who actively serve and engage in the lives of the residents. RAs are one of the primary advantages of life in the residence halls. RAs ensure each student is personally welcomed and provide a social atmosphere that makes adjusting to college easy. While each residence hall is unique in its own culture and traditions, each is similar in its attempt to build community and support students throughout their living experience.

inside lange guys dorm room

Floor Plan

inside guys dorm room - lange dorms