baptist history and heritage room with chairs spread-out into rows and bookshelves in the background

Center for Baptist History and Heritage

The vision of DBU’s Center for Baptist History and Heritage is to serve as a resource for students, professors, churches, and other organizations to learn about Baptist history and be inspired by the global Baptist heritage.

The Center is part of the vision of President Wright and Chancellor Cook to help people become more knowledgeable of the history and heritage of Baptists. DBU welcomes students of all faiths, but it is unashamedly Baptist and has a close relationship with Baptists around the state, nation, and world.

center for baptist history and heritage room bookshelves with a portrait on the right and a couch

Fostering a Baptist Environment

Recently established, the Center for Baptist History and Heritage is a work in progress as the resources continue to grow. The current collection of books has been donated by individuals, Baptist archives, and the Texas Baptist Heritage Center. The collection specializes in Baptist beliefs, history, and biography, with sections devoted to various emphases of the Baptist tradition and one that showcases books written by DBU faculty, staff, and other friends of the University. In addition, leaflets, magazines, newspapers, pictures, and special items for display serve to highlight various themes of the Center, which change monthly. Conferences and various meetings will focus on aspects of Baptist identity.

The Center cooperates with varied individuals and departments of the University in carrying out its mission. Although the Center is not a Baptist publishing house, official archival collection, or research library, it relates to these in gathering resources for the Center. To access the many resources available, please click the button below.

Ford Village

Housed in the grand setting of Ford Village, the Center is an additional resource for the residents of Ford Village, while also serving the entire campus and visiting guests. The beautiful room of the Center is designed to serve as a place for students to study for classes, groups to meet together, and special programs to be held. The concept is such that whoever visits the Center, for whatever reason, may encounter the rich Baptist heritage while viewing the Wall of Honor of Outstanding Baptist Leaders, displays on Baptist beliefs and ministries, books on Baptist history, and other features.

Allison Hopgood standing in the center for baptist history and heritage room located in ford village
“I pray that the Center will be used to strengthen the Baptist family of Christians so that Baptists will continue to play a major role in helping fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ. Please come and visit the Center for Baptist History and Heritage.” -Allison Hopgood, Director of the Center for Baptist History and Heritage