Crowley Complex - Female Residence Hall

Lindsey Byers
Hello! My name is Amanda Turner and I have the privilege and honor of serving as the Resident Director of Crowley Complex. I was born and raised in Austin, TX and graduated with my bachelor's degree from DBU in 2021. During my time at DBU, I spent my Freshman year living in Crowley and during my Junior and Senior year, I spent my time as a Resident Community Assistant in Ford Village. My favorite memories during my time as a student consisted of late-night runs to Braum’s, snow days and meeting some of my best friends! I am eager to see the memories you will make on University Hill. In Crowley, there are nine Resident Assistants, one living on every hall with you. These girls are here to help, lead and encourage you! It is my prayer that during your time living in Crowley you would know truth and that you would grow in your love for fellowship with one another! Crowley is a special place and the RA’s and I can’t wait to welcome you when you get here!

Amanda Turner
(214) 333-5456

Crowley Complex is one of the two female residence halls here at DBU. Crowley is a community oriented living environment. You will only have one roommate, the girls on your hall will share a community bathroom, and one big perk is that the DBU Dining Hall is located in the building. The RAs make living in Crowley very exciting and home-like.

inside girls dorm room - crowley dorm room

Floor Plan

crowley dorm floor plan