Crowley Complex - Female Residence Hall

Lindsey Byers

"Hello! My name is Lindsey Byers and I serve as the Resident Director of Crowley Complex. I began my time at DBU in 2012 and spent my freshman year in the Spence dorm. I loved living in the dorms so much that I became a Resident Assistant my sophomore year. During my junior and senior year, I remained in the Spence dorm as a Jewel House mentor. Some of my favorite memories from living in the dorms include competing in Hall Wars, hosting different events for the girls on my hall, and mentoring freshman girls as an upperclassmen. I am honored to now serve as the Resident Director for the Crowley complex. Crowley has nine Resident Assistants who are here for you! Whether it is needing advice, wanting someone to hang out with, or needing help with something in your room, our Resident Assistants will play a vital role in your time living in the dorms. Know that you are prayed for and loved already! It is my prayer that the Lord uses your time in Crowley to foster community and spiritual growth. My team and I are eager to meet you and welcome you into our Crowley family.

Lindsey Byers

Crowley Complex is one of the two female residence halls here at DBU. Crowley is a community oriented living environment. You will only have one roommate, the girls on your hall will share a community bathroom, and one big perk is that the DBU Dining Hall is located in the building. The RAs make living in Crowley very exciting and home-like.

inside girls dorm room - crowley dorm room

Floor Plan

crowley dorm floor plan