Life at DBU

DBU sets itself apart from many other schools because we ensure that international students are a top priority. DBU has a large International Center with staff from around the world who are dedicated to meeting the individual needs of every student. 

You will find it easy to get involved at DBU and we hope that our staff are a resource to help you transition into American life. DBU offers a great number of student services including transportation, tutoring, student clubs, and cultural trips. 

Student Clubs

African Students Union (ASU)

The African Students Union was founded to promote unity and appreciation of cultural diversity among African students and the DBU community. They support African students in their academic pursuits and transition to life in the United States through a variety of activities.

Brazilian Student Association (BSA)

The Brazilian Student Association was established in 2011 by Brazilian students who had the heart to serve others through a student organization. BSA exists to promote cultural enrichment among Brazilian students and the DBU community through social and spiritual activities to enhance their Christ-Centered and servant leadership experience at DBU.

Diverse City (International Band)

Diverse City is an international band with a purpose to serve and lead students through worship at international events.

International Chinese Fellowship (ICF)

The International Chinese Fellowship has been sharing its culture around the DBU campus since 2013. ICF supports Chinese students and the DBU community through social and spiritual activities to enhance their Christ-Centered and servant leadership experience at DBU.

Korean Student Association (KSA)

The Korean Student Association was established at DBU in 2013 with a mission to promote fellowship and unity among Korean and non-Korean students at DBU. KSA aims to help them become servant leaders who have a higher Christian perspective of current affairs in the global world.

Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS)

The Organization of Latin American Students began at DBU in 2003. This organization promotes the rich diversity of the Latino Community and celebrates its culture while introducing it to others. Serve and support one another around the DBU campus and embrace diversity with OLAS.

South Asian Student Association (SASA)

The South Asian Student Association was established at DBU to provide support and fellowship for students enrolled at DBU from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

Southeast Asian Student Organization (SEASO)

SEASO was founded at DBU in 2018. The vision of this organization is to foster the growth of the knowledge of the saving work of Christ in Southeast Asian countries by impacting Southeast Asian students in DBU through love, unity, and fellowship. Join SEASO to welcome, love, assist, and show hospitality to new students at DBU, and focus on developing physical, emotional, and spiritual maturity through fellowship.

OLAS had a huge impact on my life. I grew as a leader because of all of the decision making and planning scenarios I had to face. I learned when to have fun and when to be serious about work that needed to be done. I met some of my greatest friends through the club. The club helped me be engaged at DBU. I liked seeing our plan come together and seeing people enjoy the events which were hard to plan. I have grown as a leader through OLAS. I have learned about confrontation and decision making mainly. Another huge leadership trait I learned was to be confident in my decisions.
- Harold Aguirre, OLAS
I was involved in SASA. It impacted me in different levels and ways. I learned so much about understanding people and how to work together in a team setting. I was able to understand the huge cultural difference that my own country had, yet united and diverse. I had to learn more about my culture from our students, since I was the only student from the North. It definitely taught me to be more patient and prepared me to reach out to our students in different ways. SASA organized so many events to get involved with, not just our club but other clubs which was really nice. It gave a broader perspective on how to learn about other cultures and become friends with them. I get to meet people from other countries and learn from them, become friends with them, and build relationships which would last even after graduation! The international club helped me build a better and wider perspective of the other cultures that I interacted with; where else will I learn this much practical than being a part of International club! I started as a volunteer in SASA and then joined the leadership team. I had so many ups and downs, but it prepared me to handle the toughest situations. I did not know that sometimes working with your own native people would be this hard, but yet so joyful. This works even after graduation, working outside or professionally.
- Ranjita Kumar, SASA
Student Events
  • Fall Fiesta is an annual event with a purpose to embrace the Hispanic culture around campus. With different kinds of Hispanic food, games, and dances, people get to learn and celebrate the Hispanic culture together.
  • Global Diner is an excellent opportunity to hear about all of our international clubs. During this event, clubs serve their favorite dish from their region. People who come to this event will get to experience food from China, Southeast Asia, Korea, South Asia, Africa, Brazil, and Latin America.
  • International Week is our yearly celebration of culture right here on campus. During that week, DBU provides so many events such as Food and Culture night, International Chapel, Karaoke Night, Pepsi Break, Noondays, the Soccer Tournament, and Worship Night. Through International Week, students will get to learn, engage, and equip with many different cultures.
  • Lunar New Year is a traditional Chinese celebration. DBU celebrates Lunar New Year to give other students exposure to Chinese culture. Students can experience the culture through food, traditional dances, and games.
Support Services


We provide tutoring hours to assist international students in increasing their writing, reading, and conversation skills. Our fellow tutors will also be able to share American culture that will help you connect with others on campus. 

Shuttle Services & Airport Pickup

Take advantage of our free shuttle service for international students! We will help you make grocery trips, hang out with friends at the mall, and help you catch your flights.

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