Intensive English Program

At DBU, we understand the challenges of learning a new language. We want to support you and guide you on this new journey.


The Intensive English Program of Dallas Baptist University teaches international students English through a Christian perspective.  Students can learn through face-to-face and online English instruction to help them achieve their academic and professional goals.

Program Design

The Intensive English Program at Dallas Baptist University offers a full-time English instruction course taught by highly qualified, experienced English-speaking professors. The Intensive English Program is available in fast, 8-week courses that are offered throughout the year in the Spring (2 sessions), Summer, and Fall (2 sessions).

All Intensive English Program courses are taught by caring and helpful professors on the beautiful and safe Dallas Baptist University campus located in Dallas, Texas, USA. Intensive English Program class sizes are kept small to increase the rate and quality of learning; classes are typically between 6 and 14 students.

During the Intensive English Program, students will engage in many cultural activities, including field trips to local destinations and regular interaction with American students, volunteers, and families. Our International Student Services will assist you with housing, meals, and campus services. We offer a free tutoring program, which will give you the individual help needed to succeed even faster!

DBU’s Intensive English Program has two different tracks options to meet your specific needs: “English for Academic Studies” or “English for Communication.” 

English for Academic Studies

For students who would like to pursue a degree at DBU. Course work focuses on building English skills to succeed in an American university. This track includes the opportunity to earn academic credit and meet DBU English requirements.

  • The student must apply to a university academic program.
  • The program is 8 weeks long, with 24 hours of weekly instruction, including laboratories.
  • Course content focuses on grammar, composition, conversation, reading, and academic skills.
  • Students who intend to stay for 16-weeks have the opportunity to take a carefully-selected college-level academic course designed to introduce American teaching concepts. The tuition for the course is included in the program cost, and the course may count toward an academic degree.

English for Communication

For students who would like to strengthen their English skills for personal or professional reasons. Course work focuses on enabling the student to thrive in English conversations and written interactions.

  • The program is 8 weeks long, with 18-21 hours of weekly instruction with an optional weekly seminar.
  • Course content focuses on Conversation, Grammar, and Reading, as well as Writing for Communication and Pronunciation classes.
  • “English for Communication” does not meet English requirements for entrance into university academics. Students will still be required to meet English test scores should they decide to pursue a DBU academic program in a future term.

Whether you are wishing to prepare for university-level education in the U.S., or just wanting to improve your English-speaking ability, the Intensive English Program at Dallas Baptist University is the ideal way to learn English! Our goal is your future success!

Program Benefits
  1. Offered by a Christian university on a beautiful Texas campus.
  2. No TOEFL or IELTS needed.
  3. Full-time weekly instruction from professional, qualified teachers.
  4. Fast, 8-week courses offered in Spring, Summer, and Fall.
  5. Two different track options that focus on either English for Communications or English for Academic Studies. 
  6. IEP courses are taught in Reading, Grammar, Conversation, Writing, and Academic Research Skills.
  7. Class size is between 6-14 students.
  8. Students will participate in cultural field trips and American home visits.
  9. University housing and meals are available.
  10. Friendly, available Student Support Staff to assist with all student needs.
Student Experience

It is our goal to prepare you for your future! DBU's IEP will help you gain the skills you need to succeed.

90% of recent IEP students felt prepared or very prepared for further academic programs.*

You may be looking to strengthen your English to help with your professional skills. Learning English will help you stand out among your peers as an experienced, globally-minded, English speaker.

Recent IEP Students rated our program quality 4.5 of 5.*

Our staff is passionate about helping you grow and achieve your dreams. At DBU, we want to know you personally and see you succeed! 

See what IEP Students are saying about DBU's IEP…

I learned a lot, I had the best experience of my life here.

It is the best in Dallas and I learned a lot.

It is one of the most amazing experiences that I ever had.

It was an amazing course that you can learn many things that will be useful in your future.

It is an excellent program with excellent teachers

It is a good experience, you will make good friends and learn from good teachers.

Very good teachers and students. They teach English very well.

IEP is an excellent program!

It's a unique experience that can change your life.

What I like about IEP is not only the quality of training, but the interest people show in you…

The teachers here are nice, patient and helpful.

DBU is such a great university. The instructors here are so nice and knowledgeable, and helpful…

Everything was perfect, better than I imagined.

IEP surpassed my expectations in every way.

I love IEP!!

For additional questions about the Intensive English Program, please contact the Department of International Admissions at +1 (214) 333-6905 or via e-mail at

*Data from Student Exit Survey 19SU - 15SP1
IEP Level Descriptions

Below are general descriptions of the English language abilities of a student who has completed the level.

Level 1

  • Can understand and respond appropriately to classroom directions connected with tasks being learned.
  • Can ask for simple directions and for meaning of unknown words and expressions.
  • Can communicate with classmates about a limited number of familiar subjects.
  • Can understand basic vocabulary for daily activities.
  • Can use simple present tense.

Level 2

  • Has mastered prior level objectives.
  • Can answer questions orally about short reading passages with simple sentences, but with frequent errors in syntax and word use.
  • Can write simple answers to questions.
  • Can understand a native speaker in simple conversational situations on familiar matters with a reduced pace.
  • Can understand general questions for information with repetition and at a reduced pace.
  • Can use simple present and simple past tenses.
  • Can read and understand beginning level ESL texts.

Level 3

  • Has mastered prior level objectives.
  • Can talk about personal likes and dislikes.
  • Can ask and answer questions using correct word form.
  • Can express opinions in guided situations.
  • Can write a short, chronological or descriptive essay but with many errors and limited support and detail. Paragraph development within the essay may be weak.
  • Can read and comprehend simply written articles, essays, and stories with the help of a dictionary.
  • Can begin to organize and present ideas.

Level 4

  • Has mastered prior level objectives.
  • Can begin to do library research and prepare written reports and oral presentations on subjects of specialized interest.
  • Can skim written material for main ideas.
  • Can use simple modals and basic comparative adjectives with considerable errors.
  • Can begin to construct longer sentences and paragraphs with both compound and complex sentences.
  • Can use words correctly with their definition and word form fitting the strategy.

Level 5

  • Has mastered prior level objectives.
  • Can ask pertinent questions based on lectures or presentations on subjects for which schema exists.
  • Can understand and participate in conversations with native speakers relating to everyday topics.
  • Can spontaneously express and support opinions in conversations inside and outside the classroom.
  • Can write an essay with clear main ideas and supporting detail; generally well-organized with occasional errors that do not obscure meaning.
  • Can outline and summarize materials.
  • Can understand some unadapted reading materials with guidance and dictionary help.
  • Can use some complex sentences having dependent clauses with some errors.
  • Can read, skim, and select pertinent information from a variety of sources so that the material can be used for a research paper or presentation with step-by-step guidance.

Level 6

  • Has mastered prior level objectives.
  • Can understand some unadapted reading materials with guidance and dictionary help.
  • Can read and comprehend a large proportion of advanced ESL materials with limited reliance on the dictionary; can discern some new vocabulary from context.
  • Can use the present perfect tense, as well as, the tenses named above with few errors.
  • Can use the passive form.

Qualifying for Academic Programs

  • Students have successfully demonstrated the above abilities.
Accredited by CEA logo

The Dallas Baptist University Intensive English Program is accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation for the period August 2017 through August 2021 and agrees to uphold the CEA Standards for English Language Programs and Institutions. CEA is recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency for English language programs and institutions in the U.S. For further information about this accreditation, please contact CEA, 1001 N. Fairfax Street, Suite 630, Alexandria, VA 22314, (703) 665-3400,

The Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA) requires all accredited programs, including Dallas Baptist University’s Intensive English Program, to maintain compliance with CEA Standards. The CEA Standards are publicly accessible at Information about filing a complaint against a CEA accredited program is available at

For additional questions about the Intensive English Program, please contact the Department of International Admissions at +1 (214) 333-6905 or via e-mail at

Meet the Directors
Philip Homer headshot

Philip Homer | Director of the Intensive English Program

My name is Philip Homer and I serve as the Director of the Intensive English Program. While I love teaching, I also plan special activities with international students. I especially enjoy learning about other cultures and helping students adjust to living in the U.S. I have degrees from two American Universities; Biola University and the University of the Pacific. I have worked in Papua New Guinea and been a student in Thailand, France, and Denmark. My wife and I have three children.

Judy Morton headshot

Judy Morton | Assistant Director of the Intensive English Program

Hi, I am Judy Morton, the Assistant Director of the Intensive English Program. I have been a part of IEP since 2007. My bachelor's degree is from Baylor University and my masters’ degrees are from DBU and Amberton University. I have taught all my life in various fields and with ages from preschool to adults. I love teaching International Students because of their interest and their diverse cultures. We have a wonderful staff and great students, and I am blessed to be part of the Intensive English Program.

For additional questions about the Intensive English Program, please contact the Department of International Admissions at +1 (214) 333-6905 or via e-mail at