International Student Jason Rajiv Returns Home to India After Spending a Full Year in the States

Jason Rajiv

Nearly 9,000 miles, an over 19 hour flight, and the North Atlantic Ocean separates DBU from Jason Rajiv's home city of Mumbai, India. For the past year of his life, Jason has lived on University Hill as he continues in his pursuit of higher education, but this summer, Jason has returned to his home country for the first time since he moved onto DBU's campus. Today, Jason is excited to give the DBU Family a glimpse of what his life is like upon returning home to India and share some of his favorite aspects of his past year in the U.S.

Growing up, Jason was raised in a Christian home by parents who modeled daily what it looked like to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. "Having a Christian upbringing also taught me the importance of reading the Word," Jason says. When he was 14, Jason committed his life to Christ and was later baptized.

Prior to coming to DBU, Jason attended Wilson College in Mumbai, India, where he completed his undergraduate studies. There, he obtained his bachelor's degree in Business Administration.

Jason first visited DBU while on a family holiday with his father. "Once we entered the university gates, I could sense the presence of God all around the campus," Jason shares. "The way the professors and the faculty members interacted with me motivated me to attend DBU. After that trip, I kept praying about it, and last year after I graduated with my undergraduate degree, God opened the door for me to pursue my master's at DBU."

"Dallas Baptist University has been home for me in many ways right from the time I first stepped onto campus," Jason says. "Many of the faculty and staff from DBU helped me settle down well. Dr. Sanjay Purushotham from the International Office helped me register for classes and helped me find accommodation when I first came last August. He ensured that I would be comfortable and helped me become accustomed to the classes and the overall lifestyle on campus. The International Office has also aided me in terms of getting groceries, purchasing essentials, and assisting in airport pick-ups and drop-offs. My professors have been very friendly and easy to approach. I'm proud to say that DBU is now my home away from home."

As he has become acclimated to life in Dallas, Jason has taken note of some of his favorite parts of being in America. "I am thankful for the opportunity to study in the U.S. and experience a whole new lifestyle," he says. "I've loved getting to go to the concerts of some of my favorite artists, developing new friendships, making new connections, and trying out a different variety of cuisines."

Now, after spending a year in classes, making friends, and serving as a student worker in the International Office, Jason has returned home to India to share the entire summer with those he loves the most. "I look forward to spending my time with family and creating memories with them over the summer," Jason says. "I'm excited to visit my extended relatives and cousins as well."

Over the past year, Jason has had the opportunity to experience the diversity between his home on University Hill and his home in India. "One of the major differences between the US and my home country is that India is very diverse in terms of languages, food, festivities, and clothing," Jason says. "I really look forward to eating my mom's food; I've missed it." Jason is ready to sit down in his home and share a year's worth of stories with his family and friends.

While Jason admits that he misses the ability to spend time with his new DBU friends, he is undeniably thrilled to be back in India this summer. Jason is currently pursuing his master's degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing Analytics. Jason will return in the fall to begin his second year as a Dallas Baptist University Patriot. Whether he is in Texas or 9,000 miles away in India, one thing is for certain: "God is just leading and guiding me step by step," Jason shares. "He's teaching me to trust Him and He's giving me grace for each day."

Written by Emmalie Ellis

Emmalie Ellis writes for the University Communications department at Dallas Baptist University.