MSITM Student Luisa Gonzalez Selected as Microsoft Ambassador

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Today’s leading technology companies – Salesforce, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, SAP, Uber, etc. – operate a Student Ambassadors program that prepares students for future careers in Information Technology through opportunities to build vibrant communities and share the latest tech with their peers. Students are provided access to the company’s resources and are equipped to build their technology skillset through hands-on learning. But most importantly, they have the opportunity to develop leadership and entrepreneurship skills by hosting events on their campus and networking with other students with shared goals.

Dallas Baptist University is a participant of this program through its Master of Science in Information Technology and Management degree (MSITM) directed by Sharon Gorikapudi, with professors encouraging students to serve as leaders and campus ambassadors for companies like those listed above.

Luisa Gonzalez was selected as DBU’s student ambassador for Microsoft. Originally from Cali, Colombia, she came to Texas in 2018 to do an internship in the field of Multimedia Engineering: Web Design and Development. As she was finishing her internship, she started looking through options of where to pursue a master's program when a friend introduced her to DBU’s MSITM degree.

Luisa’s initial desire to pursue her master’s started when studying web design and web development during the last three semesters of her career in Colombia.

“I took a class where I learned many things about software engineering and management concepts,” she explains. “This class got me interested in the relationship between the IT industry and the business industry. My initial desire to pursue this master’s was because I am in love with technology, and I found it interesting to learn more about the business side of the technology era we are living in, which is what the MSITM program is about: the mix between business knowledge and IT concepts.”

The MSITM program at DBU prepares successful servant-leaders for the modern data-driven marketplace. The program helps students stay relevant in this age of disruption while giving them strong foundations in technology and business. Luisa has found this program helpful and worth the investment, and in her current role as Student Ambassador represents the MSITM program in networking events both within and outside of campus.

“I have learned many things about management of IT projects and the way the business side works inside the IT industry. I also have learned about new technologies and topics that are trending in the industry right now as Cloud Computing and DevOps. I consider that the MSITM program offers you many opportunities to improve your knowledge and your professional profile to showcase your strengths and abilities in the internship/job searching process. Also, it highlights the importance of developing not only technical skills but also soft skills.”

Sharon Gorikapudi praises Luisa’s involvement in the program and highlights why she was chosen as an MSITM Ambassador: “We selected Luisa Gonzalez as she has a heart for serving others and putting them first – the hallmark of a Servant Leader and a Design Thinker. She is a disruptor and has a flying fish mindset. Luisa brought in crucial partnerships, recruited effectively, and liaised effectively with the business and technology industry. I encouraged her to apply, and we are pleased that she is growing leaps and bounds as a Microsoft Student Ambassador.”

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Written by Kathleen Sotomayor

Kathleen Sotomayor writes for the University Communications department at Dallas Baptist University.