Cashier's Office FAQs

These are frequently asked questions regarding policies, procedures, and general topics concerning your student account. If you do have additional questions, please contact the Cashier's Office at (214) 333-5336 or email us at

Making Payments

How can I pay my bill?

Students can make payments by logging into their MyDBU account and clicking on the TouchNet tile. Parents can make a payment once the student authorizes the parent via the Authorized Users tab on their TouchNet Account. Once the parent is authorized, the parent can pay by going to the link provided in the authorization email.

What happens if my account remains unpaid?

Students who still have a balance after the final payment date will be placed on a global hold. A global hold prevents a student from accessing their final grades, obtaining transcripts, and registering for additional classes. In addition, the hold restricts access to final exams, student services, and participation in commencement exercises.

For additional information on actions that may be taken on your unpaid account, please see below.

Please Note: Actions Taken on Accounts Whose Balances Are Not Paid in Full

  • Not being allowed to use the Deferred Payment Account option in subsequent semesters,
  • Immediate withdrawal from enrolled courses,
  • Removal from current dormitory residence,
  • Denial of dining hall privileges,
  • Denial of access to final exams, resulting in an Incomplete or Failure,
  • Denial of access to final semester grades,
  • Denial of access to transcripts,
  • Denial of ability to be advised for or register for any additional courses,
  • The student will not graduate,
  • The student will not have the degree conferred/posted on the student's transcript,
  • Denial of participation in commencement exercises,
  • Denial of access to student's diploma upon graduation,
  • Denial of access to student services, and/or
  • Reporting to a collection agency and consumer reporting agency.

In the event that an account has not been paid in full by the end of the semester, DBU submits the account to a third-party billing servicer for collection. If the account remains unpaid with the third-party billing servicer, it will then be assigned to a collection agency. A collection agency fee, which will be between one-third and one-half of the remaining balance, which is a reasonable fee for collection agency services regardless of the dollar amount owed will be assessed by the collection agency. Once the account has been submitted to collections, it is the student’s responsibility to pay the total amount owed (including collection fees) and to refer to the collection agency regarding all dealings and payments on their student account. This balance will also be reported to a credit reporting agency and could affect your credit rating.

Thank you for your help in making sure that your account balance is paid.

By what date must my account be cleared (to a zero balance)?

The final payment for all student accounts (except for Corporate Reimbursement Students) must be received by the Final Payment Date each semester.

What are payment arrangements?

Students have the following options when determining how they would like to complete payment arrangements:

  1. Personal Payment – Students who wish to pay their tuition in full must do so at the time of registration to avoid being placed on a payment plan and charged a payment plan fee.
  2. Financial Aid – If your financial aid covers 100% of your balance, you are not required to provide payment for your balance at the time of registration.
  3. Payment Plan – The DBU payment plan will divide your student account charges into convenient monthly payments per semester, with the last payment being due before the final semester payment date.
  4. Employer Reimbursement – If your employer reimburses you for all or a portion of your tuition, payment is due in full, 45 days after the last day of class each semester.
  5. Direct Bill or Third-Party Billing – The Cashier's Office will directly invoice your organization for your tuition charges if you provide a Letter of Credit or Voucher to our office. All third-party billing will occur after the add/drop date each semester.
What does "making payment arrangements" mean?

Payment arrangements are the different methods a student can use to pay their balance during a given semester. All students must provide the Cashier's Office with their method of payment for the semester at the time of registration.

Extra Charges

Will I be charged if I add a class?

A student who begins the registration process during one registration period and completes it during another registration period is subject to the registration fee applicable at the time of completion.

Is there a payment plan for sub-terms?

All sub-terms, except mini-terms, may be deferred as long as the student is taking at least one regular full-semester course.

Why was I charged a drop fee?

A drop fee is assessed to a student's account every time a class is dropped, with the exception of class cancellation or advising error.

Why was I charged a payment plan fee?

A payment plan fee is assessed to a student’s account when financial aid or personal payment does not cover the entire balance at the time of registration.

Why did I get charged partial tuition for my class?

Partial tuition is charged when a student drops or withdraws from a class after the class has started. The total charge is calculated based on the total amount of class periods and the amount of sessions that have transpired at the time of the drop. It is not based on the number of sessions attended. See also Student Refunds.

Is student health insurance available?

Student Health Insurance is available for purchase in the Cashier's Office. The insurance premium will be charged directly to the student’s account. For rates and additional information please view the Student Insurance plan.


When will I receive my refund check?

Students will receive a refund check after Financial Aid is posted to their student account and creates a credit balance. Refunds resulting from the posting of financial aid will be requested automatically and deposited to the student's bank account listed in your TouchNet e-refund profile. To complete the necessary items to have your refund check direct deposited to your bank account please log into your TouchNet account via your MyDBU account. If you have not set up a direct deposit account for your refunds, any refund will be mailed via check to the student's address in the University system.

How does the BookCard (Voucher) work?

A BookCard allows for a student's book charges to be paid for with a student's financial aid. A student is eligible for a book card when their guaranteed Financial Aid exceeds their balance. If available, a BookCard must be requested through the Cashier's Office before the BookCard deadline.

Trouble With Bills/Payments

How do I check my balance/view my bill?

Students may view their balance online through TouchNet via their MyDBU account.

Why doesn't my financial aid reflect on my account statement?

Although financial aid has been awarded, all amounts are not posted to the account until after the add/drop date each semester, which is usually after the 10th class day.

Who do I contact if I have trouble paying my bill?

Please contact any of the Cashier’s Office representatives by coming to our Office or calling us at (214) 333-5336. We are here to help!