A Book-Card allows a student to use their excess, guaranteed financial aid to buy textbooks in the DBU Bookstore and have those charges placed on their student account. In order to be eligible for a Book-Card, a student must have guaranteed financial aid that overpays their account balance. The student must use it before the last day to request a Book-Card.

Last Day to Request a Book-Card 

  • Summer 2024: June 4, 2024
  • Fall 2024: September 16, 2024

*For the Fall term, the last day to visit the campus bookstore to receive your books is September 16, 2024 

Book-Cards/Slingshot FAQ

How can you receive a Book-Card?

Slingshot is your subscription-based course material provider. All your course materials are delivered seamlessly with Slingshot. You will also need to properly complete Title IV Authorization by signing the offer letter within financial aid self-service. Visit the Campus Bookstore for more information. 

How do I charge books to my student account?

Students can charge required course materials to their student accounts by opting in to
Slingshot. DBU has partnered exclusively with Slingshot to operate the DBU Bookstore and
automatically provide all required materials to students who are opted in to Slingshot. All
new undergraduate freshmen and transfer students are automatically opted in to
Slingshot. Returning students can choose to opt in.

Slingshot's free auto fulfillment service receives your course schedule automatically and
places your order for all required materials beginning about two weeks prior to each
course's start date. Your order is delivered to your residence hall before you arrive on
campus or available for pickup at the bookstore. The cost of materials are put on your
student account.

Opt-In or customize your preference by logging in at using your DBU

What options do opt-out students have for textbooks?

Opt-out students can shop for course materials at Payment can be
made by debit or credit card. Your order will be fulfilled right here on campus at the DBU

How do I view my transaction history?

Students can view their course material transaction history through their Slingshot
account at and clicking on the Transaction History tab. Use the
small arrows to the left of the screen to reveal itemized information including order status,
shipping info, and pricing.