Important Financial Dates

Be prepared each semester to manage the financial investment in your education at Dallas Baptist University. The following is a list of important dates and deadlines that will help you complete your financial arrangements and successfully manage your student account.

Payment Arrangement Dates

Each semester all students are required to contact the Cashier's Office to finalize their payment arrangements. This confirms how each student will pay their semester balance, which includes the acceptance of all Financial Aid, tuition reimbursement agreements, and completion of payment plans. Below are the semester payment arrangement dates.

Registration Term

  • Fall Semester 
    • First Payment Date: July 15
  • Spring Semester
    • First Payment Date: December 15
  • Summer Semester
    • First Payment Date: June 15

Students who do not self-enroll in a payment arrangement by the corresponding due date will be automatically placed on a DBU Payment Plan and charged appropriate payment plan fees.

Financial Settlement Policy

All students must reach Financial Settlement with DBU prior to the start of each semester. After all grants, scholarships, and federal loans have been applied to the student account, the student must pay the remaining balance in full, enroll in a DBU Payment Plan with a payment method on file, or have an approved loan in place to cover the account balance.

Financial Settlement Dates

  • Summer - May 31st
  • Fall - August 15th
  • Spring - January 6th

What happens when a financial settlement is not reached?

Students will be withdrawn from any currently enrolled courses. Students will be allowed to re-enroll via self-service once they have met the previously stated Financial Settlement requirements to enroll. You will also be withdrawn from your previously registered courses and will not be allowed to re-register until the outstanding balance is settled.

Final Payment Due Dates

All personal pay, payment plan, and financial aid student account balances will need to be paid in full by the following final payment dates each semester:

Final Payment Due Dates

  • Fall Semester
    • Final Payment Date: November 15
  • Spring Semester
    • Final Payment Date: April 15
  • Summer Semester
    • Final Payment Date: July 15

Students who have not paid their balance in full by the above referenced dates will have a Cashier’s Hold placed on their student accounts preventing further registration, access to student records, and/or access to campus and online student services. All unpaid balances will be subject to assignment to our third party billing servicer once the semester has ended.

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If you have any questions regarding your student account, please contact the Cashier’s Office at (214) 333-5336. Our Office is here to help!

Graduating Students

Students who are graduating must pay the previous and present account balances in full by the time designated in the graduation application materials provided by the Registrar's Office. This includes all employer reimbursement and third-party paid balances. If any balances are not paid by this time, the student will be denied the privilege of participation in commencement exercises and access to the student's diploma upon graduation. The student will be allowed to participate in a commencement exercise only after the previous and present balances are paid in full.