University Writing Center

Access to the University Writing Center is available to all DBU undergraduate and graduate students, paid through student fees.

Mission Statement

Dallas Baptist University's mission statement outlines the school's desire to educate and instruct students to practice Christ-centered servant leadership in their communities. The University Writing Center (UWC) knows that clear communication remains an essential element of effective leadership. Therefore, the UWC strives to offer support to all students in developing written communication skills at any level and in any discipline in a welcoming facility. Through sessions with qualified, extensively-trained writing consultants, students enhance their leadership abilities as their communication skills improve. Additionally, the UWC offers support to faculty members, as professors strive to illuminate the importance of students' concrete writing ability for a strong leadership profile.

Writing Across the Curriculum

The Writing Center staff adheres to the concept of "Writing Across the Curriculum." Learning to write effectively means learning to think critically and to apply all knowledge in a clear and precise manner to one's job, home, community, and worldview. Therefore, writing can be used as a tool for learning in any discipline.