About the University Writing Center

Services Offered

A qualified consultant will work one-on-one with individual students who seek advice in areas such as:

  • Ideas
  • Grammar
  • Research
  • Revising
  • Organization
  • Documentation

Face-to-face writing consultations provide the most personalized, detailed assistance; however, students can also obtain service via Blackboard's Collaborate, telephone, or e-mail. Collaborate offers the opportunity to converse about improving a paper. If coming to campus or connecting online isn't possible, try phone or email service. For all services, please see the before visiting page. For in-person or Collaborate sessions, please call us at 214-333-5474 to schedule an appointment.

Specific Needs

The University Writing Center is available to assist all students from every field of study. If you have a particular need that you wish to address, please let us know.

The UWC staff enjoys working with a variety of students:

  • Traditional-Age Students
  • Adult Students
  • ESL Students
  • Special Needs Students
  • Graduate Students

Resources Available

The UWC collects and maintains resources available to students to assist in research and writing. Some of these are:

  • Sample essays and research papers across disciplines
  • Quick reference flyers covering different aspects of writing
  • Writing format guides for MLA, APA, and Turabian
  • Internet resources, such as online writing centers
  • Grammar, punctuation, and writing exercises
  • Library of writing resources for student use