Before Visiting

General Policy

We want all students to become confident with their own writing abilities; therefore, some services are not found in the UWC. The Writing Center is not an editing, correcting, or typing service. Students may not drop off a paper to be corrected by a writing consultant. The author of the work must be present to discuss the methods by which he or she may improve the piece and his or her overall writing ability. 

The primary aim of the UWC staff is to help you become a better writer; therefore, we have outlined what you can and cannot expect to happen in the UWC.

We Can Help You

  • Generate ideas for your essays
  • Organize your paper
  • Identify and correct grammatical errors
  • Proofread, revise, and correct your own papers
  • Improve your writing style

We Cannot

  • Help you the same day your paper is due
  • Write for you
  • Tell you what to write
  • Mark on your paper
  • Proofread, revise, or correct your paper for you
  • Take responsibility for finding all of your mistakes
  • Estimate the grade you may earn
  • Help you with essay exams or tests
  • Discuss instructors or other students with you

In-Person Consultations

The Consultation Session

  • All UWC consultation sessions are aimed at thirty minutes and strictly limited to forty-five minutes.
  • If you bring in a short paper, two pages or less, we will consider approximately one-half of the paper for grammar and all of it for appropriate content and structure.
  • If your paper is longer, over two pages, we will look at the first two pages for grammatical concerns and up to five pages for content and structure if applicable within the forty-five minute time constraint.
  • Your active participation will aid in the process.

What We Ask of You

  • DBU Student ID*
  • Professor's Name and Class Designation (ENGL 1301, RELI 4642, etc.)
  • Gender**
  • Program (Faculty/Staff/Traditional/Adult/Graduate/International)**
  • Classification (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, or Graduate)**
  • General Age Range (<18, 18-21, 22-29, or 30+)**

 *We must see your official DBU student ID for all exams. If you are an online student and your ID has the keyhole in place of your photo, we will ask for your photo ID. Because it is our responsibility to confirm your identity, we have no other option.

**Only required on the first visit. 


  • Appointments are scheduled only via phone or in person. Call us at 214-333-5474 to make an appointment.
  • Appointments made more than twenty-four hours in advance are given top priority. However, walk-ins will be accommodated if time permits. Appointments are required for full-service Saturdays. 

Please noteIf you are more than ten minutes late for an appointment, you will forfeit the appointment time and must reschedule. 


The UWC is in no way responsible for the grade you (the student) may receive on a paper or other written assignments. All comments made by the UWC staff should be considered as advice, not authority.

Email Consultations

What to Include in your Email

When sending assignments through our email consultation services, please include:

  • Place the words "Consultation Request" in the subject line of your e-mail.
  • Attach the assignment sheet, course syllabus, rubric, or other documents that outline what your instructor expects from this assignment.
  • Specify the course name and number (RELI 1306, ENGL 2302, etc.) and your professor's name.
  • Provide your student ID number and your status as a commuter, on-campus, or distance student.

Email address:

Guidelines and Recommendations

Thank you for understanding that we cannot compromise any of our guidelines simply because this consultation session is not in-person. 


  • Have a basic knowledge of sentence structure
  • Obtain a copy of Lynn Quitman Troyka’s Simon & Schuster Handbook for Writers published by Prentice Hall (the edition does not matter).
    • This handbook is used in the UWC; communication will be clearer if we both are working from the same source.


  • If you are sending a paper more than three pages in length, we will consider only the first two pages for grammar and will consider all pages for appropriate content and structure.
  • If the submitted paper is three or fewer pages, we will offer grammatical correction for half the content and examine all pages for flow and content.
  • Remember that we are not responsible for research and all changes to the paper are up to the client.

Please allow 3 business days to receive our comments. We appreciate your patience.

Email address: 


The UWC is in no way responsible for the grade you (the student) may receive on a paper or other written assignment. All comments made by the UWC and its staff should be considered as advice, not authority.

Email address: 

Email Confirmation

After you have emailed an assignment to the UWC, we will reply with a confirmation during our business hours. If you email while we are closed, the confirmation will not arrive until we have opened again. Should you not receive this confirmation, please contact us.

Email address: