Psychology Major (BA/BS)

The undergraduate Psychology discipline at DBU provides a Christ-centered quality higher education in the field of psychology, which encourages undergraduate students to integrate psychology with the teachings of Christianity. Majoring in psychology provides students with an overview of the psychology field and an in-depth study of selected areas and subjects in this multi-faceted discipline. The curriculum features courses in the history and systems of psychology as well as research-oriented subjects. While the integration of psychology and Christianity is a vital concern in each class, a whole course is devoted to addressing psychology and Christianity. Graduates with a major in psychology prepared for entry-level positions in business, education, industry, the mental health field, and other related areas where a psychology background is either required or enhances the individual's employment qualifications. Additionally, DBU graduates are prepared for graduate work in psychology or counseling, leading to professional careers in those fields.

** Check individual degree requirements for specific total credit hours.  

Psychology Concentrations:

  • General Psychology 
  • Child Life Specialist 
  • Clinical Psychology 
  • Forensic Psychology 
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Program Testimonials

Megan Babler

"During my senior year of high school, I discovered my passion for mental health. Through personal and societal circumstances, I began to realize the growing need for stable and helpful mental health professionals in our country. A few years after being in college, I realized that I desired to work in the field of forensics, and that has been my area of study ever since. While this is a difficult field, I believe in the importance of bringing light into dark places by any means necessary, and I am grateful that the Lord has given me the grace, capacity, and opportunity to pursue a degree in this field. My studies at DBU have assisted me greatly; whether it be peers or professors, I am continuously pushed to be and do my best."
Megan Babler

Tiffany Padilla

"The Bible has been the foundation of my education, and DBU has taught me how to examine what I believe, why I believe it, and how to hold everything up to the authority of Scripture. I have experienced the most life-giving, authentic, and intentional friendships that I have ever had the privilege of being a part of. DBU has helped develop me into the person and follower of Christ that I am today."
headshot of Tiffany Padilla

Designed to Meet Your Needs

Course Convenience

DBU offers classes in a variety of formats, including:

  • Classroom
  • Hybrid (Classroom and Online)*
  • Online*

*Selected courses are available in the formats listed. View the current Schedule of Classes for specific courses.

Classes Start

Generally, classes begin four times a year:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter

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Credit Hour Overview

As required for all Bachelor’s degrees, students must complete the following:

  • General Studies Courses (i.e., English, History, Mathematics)
  • Designated Courses in the Chosen Major
  • Electives*
    • Lower-Level Electives (1000-2000 level courses)
    • Upper-Level Electives (3000-4000 level courses)
  • 42 Hours of Upper-Level Courses must be completed as part of all bachelor’s degrees
  • Minimum Total Credit Hours Required: 120 Credit Hours**

*Courses chosen by the student that will count toward a bachelor's degree, but may not be directly related to the degree program being pursued.
**Check individual degree requirements for specific total credit hours.

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Travel Opportunities

In addition to mission trips, DBU periodically offers students travel opportunities to earn course credit.

Why Study Psychology in College?

  • To understand people better
  • To develop a diverse set of skills
  • To make a positive difference
  • To enter a growing field
  • To choose from multiple disciples and specialties 
  • To prepare for a Master of Arts in Psychology
  • To fulfill your calling

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What are the Career Paths Available for a Psychology Degree?

  1. Christian-based mental health counselor or therapist
  2. Social worker
  3. Teacher
  4. Career counselor
  5. Forensic psychologist
  6. Probation officer
  7. Advertising/marketing manager
  8. Sales representative or account executive
  9. Market research analyst
  10. I/O psychologist

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