Political Science Major (BA/BS)

Dallas Baptist University's Political Science undergraduate program fosters an appreciation for the study of government and politics at the national, state, and local levels of government while encouraging students to become informed and concerned participants in a democratic society. The political science program offers a broad introduction to political institutions, processes, and behavior, which produces servant leaders who integrate their faith and learning through their respective callings. Additionally, the coursework provides a foundation for students desiring to enter the public service, attending law school, or pursuing graduate study.

** Check individual degree requirements for specific total credit hours.  

Program Testimonial

Adom Spencer | Houston, TX

"I'm passionate about unifying the body of Christ in the political field and feel called to serve in both city government and the Church. Dallas Baptist University has helped me integrate a Christian worldview into the topic of politics and has shown me how the Church should serve in the government. In the future, I would like to return to my hometown to begin my political career, but I'm open to serving wherever the Lord leads me to serve."
Adom Spencer

Designed to Meet Your Needs

Course Convenience

DBU offers classes in a variety of formats, including:

  • Classroom
  • Hybrid (Classroom and Online)*
  • Online*

*Selected courses are available in the formats listed. View the current Schedule of Classes for specific courses.

Classes Start

Generally, classes begin four times a year:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter

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Credit Hour Overview

As required for all Bachelor’s degrees, students must complete the following:

  • General Studies Courses (i.e., English, History, Mathematics)
  • Designated Courses in the Chosen Major
  • Electives*
    • Lower-Level Electives (1000-2000 level courses)
    • Upper-Level Electives (3000-4000 level courses)
  • 42 Hours of Upper-Level Courses must be completed as part of all bachelor’s degrees
  • Minimum Total Credit Hours Required: 120 Credit Hours**

*Courses chosen by the student that will count toward a bachelor's degree, but may not be directly related to the degree program being pursued.
**Check individual degree requirements for specific total credit hours.

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Accelerated Degrees

For undergraduate students studying political science, an accelerated degree is an excellent option for highly motivated students who desire an accelerated 5-year program for earning their Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

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Travel Opportunities

In addition to mission trips, DBU periodically offers students travel opportunities to earn course credit.

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