Criminal Justice Major (BA/BS)

Criminal Justice is the study of crime and of the agencies concerned with its prevention and control. We, as a Christ-centered educational institution, are dedicated to integrating faith and learning with professional knowledge and skills. Students will be trained to enforce the law not only on a fair and just basis but also under the guidance of Biblical standards and in the scope of God's love.

** Check individual degree requirements for specific total credit hours.  

Designed to Meet Your Needs

Course Convenience

DBU offers classes in a variety of formats, including:

  • Classroom
  • Hybrid (Classroom and Online)*
  • Online*

*Selected courses are available in the formats listed. View the current Schedule of Classes for specific courses.

Classes Start

Generally, classes begin four times a year:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter

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Credit Hour Overview

As required for all Bachelor’s degrees, students must complete the following:

  • General Studies Courses (i.e., English, History, Mathematics)
  • Designated Courses in the Chosen Major
  • Electives*
    • Lower-Level Electives (1000-2000 level courses)
    • Upper-Level Electives (3000-4000 level courses)
  • 42 Hours of Upper-Level Courses must be completed as part of all bachelor’s degrees
  • Minimum Total Credit Hours Required: 120 Credit Hours**

*Courses chosen by the student that will count toward a bachelor's degree, but may not be directly related to the degree program being pursued.
**Check individual degree requirements for specific total credit hours.

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Travel Opportunities

In addition to mission trips, DBU periodically offers students travel opportunities to earn course credit.

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Program Testimonial

Matthew Demchsak

"My experience at DBU has very much shaped the man I am today and the lawyer I will be in practice. The values of servant leadership, godliness, and professionalism are evident both in the classroom and throughout University Hill. Incorporating these values into the study of justice, politics, and the law, has laid a Christ-centered foundation to engaging law school and the legal practice."

Matthew Demchsak Headshot

Goals of the Criminal Justice Major

  • Provide students with knowledge of the general scope of crime in America and of the criminal justice system.
  • Prepare students for their careers in areas of law enforcement, the judicial system, homeland and organizational security, corrections, social services, and juvenile justice or preparation for competition at the graduate level or law school.
  • Instruct students in the societal standards of ethics along with divine truth and Christian doctrines and how these principles apply to the enforcement of law in practice.
  • Have in-service Christian instructors to provide a variety of disciplines, cases, and experiences as a reference, so that students may successfully cultivate Christ-centered servant leadership in their careers of protection and service.
  • Recruit Christian students with a vision and burden to enter this field. Also, recruit qualified in-service officers for our program to be trained as criminal justice agents who are Christ-centered with a servant attitude.