Flexibility for Working Adults

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Flexibility is more than a choice of class times.

To working adults pursuing a bachelor's degree, flexibility is not an option — it's a requirement. As a busy professional dealing with family, work, church, community, and other obligations, flexibility needs to be a part of every step you take.

At DBU, we developed the Professional Studies program for working adults to earn a bachelor's degree with maximum flexibility because we understand the distinct needs of working adults. From degree programs and evening/weekday options to online degrees and 8-week classes, DBU has created an environment that flexes to accommodate your personal, educational, and career needs.

Multiple Semester Options for Working Adults

From one-week classes to the traditional semester schedule, DBU offers multiple term options with day, evening, weekend, or online classes.

8-Week Classes

DBU offers some 8-week classes for Professional Studies students taking classes within the BAS in Psychology or the BBS in Management. These classes allow students to focus on one class at a time while staying on track to take at least 6 hours per full semester. Students can also stack courses to complete more hours within a full semester. There are so many reasons to take DBU's 8-week classes! Contact your advisor to register for an 8-week class.

For students receiving financial aid, students must enroll for a combined total of at least 6 hours over the full semester and be enrolled for 15 consecutive weeks (i.e. the student must enroll in two 8-week terms “back-to-back”). Any student who wishes to receive federal financial aid and only enrolls in one 8-week term must also enroll in a long semester.

Bachelor's Degrees for Working Adults

DBU offers 20 bachelor's degrees for working adults and a variety of online bachelor's degrees.

Attend Class Where You Want

For your convenience, DBU offers classes online or in-person at our main campus in southwest Dallas or DBU North at the Hope Center in Plano. DBU also offers hybrid classes (a combination of in-person and online classes).

Transfer an Unlimited Number of Hours

Transfer an unlimited number of hours from most accredited* four-year institutions, or up to 66 hours from accredited* two-year colleges.

*Institutions must be accredited by an Institutional Accrediting Agency approved by the US Department of Education.

Corporate Tuition Reimbursement

If you're employed by a company that offers tuition reimbursement, DBU will work with you to develop a payment plan and defer billing.

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Payment Plans for Working Adults

Take advantage of payment plans, loans, or credit financing programs to make your educational goals a reality.

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