7 Reasons to Take DBU’s 8-Week Classes to Get a Degree

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If you're a busy, working adult, finding a bachelor's degree program that fits your hectic schedule might seem impossible. DBU understands the demands that multitasking professionals juggle. That's why we offer 8-week accelerated classes as part of our Professional Studies program.

DBU's 8-week classes online are a fantastic option if you're wondering how to honor your current commitments to your job, family, and church while achieving your educational goals. One huge advantage is that you can complete a bachelor's degree program in less time, taking 8-week vs. 16-week courses.

Let's dive deeper into that and then look at even more reasons you should consider taking DBU's 8-week classes to help fulfill your academic ambitions.

Reasons to Consider Taking DBU's 8-Week Classes for Professional Studies

Complete Your Bachelor's Degree Faster

When time is a precious commodity, you need to save it whenever you can. DBU's 8-week classes allow students taking classes within the BAS in Psychology or the BBS in Management to complete their bachelor's degree program faster. You can also stack classes to complete more hours in a 16-week semester. With these courses, you'll earn the same number of credits in 8 weeks as in a traditional 16-week semester.

Enjoy More Schedule Flexibility

Many students go to work and college. In 2020, 39.6% of full-time undergraduate students 16 to 64 years old and 73.5% of part-time undergraduate students in the U.S. were employed, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

8-week classes offer flexibility for working adults who already divide their time between work, family, church, and community activities. Suppose you take two 8-week courses back-to-back over an entire semester. In that case, you only have to fit two classes into your busy schedule instead of figuring out how to accommodate meeting times and complete coursework for four classes in a 16-week term.

Sharpen Your Focus

You may wonder, "Are 8-week classes hard?" You can sharpen your focus on course materials, assignments, and assessments for fewer subjects in a semester with 8-week classes vs. 16-week classes. When you devote your attention to a single course for a shorter period, you set yourself up for success.

An Ivy Tech study found an average success rate for 16-week courses was 68.24% vs. an 82.57% success rate for first-session courses and 81.5% for second-session 8-week courses. Additional colleges in the study found similar positive results for shorter classes.

Retain Financial Aid

Students who receive financial aid must enroll for a combined total of six hours or more for 15 consecutive weeks over a whole semester to retain it. So, you must enroll in two 8-week courses in one semester to satisfy this requirement. If you want to receive federal financial aid and enroll in only one 8-week term, you must also enroll in a long semester.

Upgrade Your Student Status

Part-time students who enroll in four 8-week classes in a single semester can upgrade their student status to full-time. Being a full-time student might fulfill financial aid, scholarships, and health insurance. Some auto insurance companies offer discounts to full-time students as well.

Advance Your Career Goals

Many working adults pursue a bachelor's degree to advance their career goals. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for management occupations is projected to grow faster than average from 2022 to 2032. About 1.1 million openings are projected each year for these occupations.

Whether you are aiming for a promotion with your current employer or want to switch fields and land your dream job, earning a bachelor's degree increases career advancement opportunities and potential. Taking 8-week classes online or in-person in DBU's Professional Studies Program puts you on track to pursue and achieve your career advancement goals — and do it faster.

Experience the DBU Difference

There are many options in the Dallas area for taking your 8-week courses. Why should you choose DBU?

DBU's Christ-centered commitment to spiritual values makes us different from many universities. We offer a Christian foundation that integrates biblical faith and academic learning.

We also seek to enhance the spiritual experience of students returning to college. Our mission is to help our students become servant leaders for Christ and prepare them for any career the Lord calls them to pursue.

DBU places a strong focus on working adults. We understand the logistical and emotional challenges of working and returning to college. That's why you'll gain maximum flexibility in our Professional Studies program.

We offer multiple term options with day, evening, weekend, or online classes, including 8-week courses. Our 11:1 student/faculty ratio provides personalized instruction and challenging, interactive experiences to maximize learning.

Furthermore, our knowledgeable, caring advisors, faculty, and staff are ready to guide you through each academic decision and listen to your personal concerns. We'll customize a degree plan that fits your life and schedule. We believe you can succeed and are ready to help!

Learn more about DBU's Professional Studies and 8-week classes, and feel free to contact us to see how DBU can help you maximize your Christ-centered professional potential.

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