Pros and Cons of Getting a Bachelor's Degree Online

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Online education is an exciting opportunity for many people today — especially those who are considered nontraditional students. Online learning is often an ideal path for those who took a break between high school and college or are currently working yet want to complete their bachelor’s degree.

Its increasing popularity is evident in a recent study that showed about 60% of all postsecondary degree seekers in the U.S. took at least some online classes, with around 30% who studied exclusively online.

If you are contemplating an online bachelor's degree, you may wonder if it is the right decision for you. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of both in-person and online learning before you make the plunge.

Check out the list below of pros and cons to help you make an informed decision about starting an online bachelor's degree.

The Pros

You Can Take Classes Anywhere

Want to take classes on your couch in your PJs? Done. Want to travel while you're learning? It's possible. Don't live in the same place as your preferred school? Not a problem!

The ability and the flexibility to attend classes from anywhere — with zero commute — is probably one of the most significant advantages to starting an online bachelor’s degree. It's incredibly convenient and accessible — especially for working professionals and parents because online classes can be completed in the evenings and on the weekends.

It Fits into Your Lifestyle

Getting an online  bachelor's degree doesn't require a shift in your daily routine. It is attainable for busy parents or those who need or want to continue working full-time or even part-time. Your preset schedule does not need to be changed. Sure, you will have to readjust your time management, but you can ultimately fit your studies around your life.

You'll Save Money

Often, an online degree is more affordable. In fact, DBU offers 10 degrees for exclusively online students at a reduced rate. Furthermore, other education-related costs decrease, such as gas money saved by not commuting.

You May Learn More

While learning styles vary from person to person DBU offers various ways to learn online through our synchronous, asynchronous, and hy-flex modalities, giving students ultimate flexibility with their online learning. These options allow students to watch lectures live or rewatch recorded lectures later and review material at their own pace. Also, students can set their schedule to "go to class" and study when they feel most alert and ready to learn. 

You'll develop time management skills because you'll quickly learn to prioritize and integrate studying into your daily activities and commitments.

It's Your Path to Career Advancement

Getting your bachelor's degree online ultimately sets you up for greater advancement in your current career — or puts you on the path for a career change you're passionate about! DBU offers several online degrees that will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed for your career. Many employers actively support the educational development of their employees as it paves the way for a promotion or more advanced role.

The Cons

You Miss Out on In-Person Connections

There's something to be said for being in the company of fellow students, professors, and staff. Not only can it be helpful to study together and learn from others, but it's also often a significant advantage to meet directly with faculty.

You Miss Out on On-Campus Programs and Activities

Cue the FOMO, because while you're getting your online degree, you may miss fun and productive on-campus programs, activities, and events. It could be a one-off seminar, career fair, or professional event that could expand your network and future job prospects. Or it could be sporting events and other extracurricular opportunities that enhance your experience. With that said, some students might see this as a pro, not a con, because they simply don't have time to engage in any programs or activities due to their current schedule.

You Might Get Distracted

When you're going to school from the comfort of your home, there is the opportunity for more distractions to enter the chat — so to speak — than if you were in a classroom or lecture hall that demands more focus and concentration. 

You might have family members or pets around. Netflix might be calling your name. Or you may have such a demanding schedule that your schoolwork constantly gets shoved to the back burner.

Choosing the route of an online bachelor's degree is a personal decision. It's not suitable for everyone, but it can open a new world of possibilities for many students — especially those wishing to return to school later in life or change their career trajectory.

As a DBU exclusively online student, our online classes are taught by the same faculty who teach in-person classes you'll learn from the same faculty who teach in-person classes — and your diploma looks the same as someone who attended all classes in person! DBU is a leader in online education at the undergraduate and graduate levels and is well-respected by employers. If you're searching for a Christ-centered, flexible and personal online degree in Texas, DBU could be the place for you. 

Learn more about DBU's exclusively online degrees.

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