Financial Aid

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Undergraduate College Degrees with the Biggest Financial ROI

With rising college tuition and fees, students may be wondering what undergraduate college majors have the best return on investment (ROI). Here’s what you need to know.


5 Reasons to Consider a Christian Liberal Arts Education

A Christian liberal arts education provides tools to equip your professional career and grow your faith; here are five reasons it’s so valuable.

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Invest in Your Future with a Course on Financial Literacy

You build wise financial stewardship on the foundation of financial literacy. That’s why financial literacy for college students is essential and pays dividends.

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How DBU’s Degree Completion Program Saves Time and Money

Earning college credit for knowledge and skills earned through work experience in DBU’s degree completion program saves bachelor’s degree students time and money. Here’s how.

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Plan Your College Finances with These Cost Estimating Tools

Students and parents can estimate how much college will cost with these online college pricing tools.


How to Navigate College Scholarships and Where to Find Them

Learn about college scholarships, what kinds exist, and how to apply for them.


Everything to Know About Applying for a Student Loan

When it comes to financial aid, here’s everything you need to know about applying for a student loan at Dallas Baptist University.