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How DBU Prepares Students for Careers in Engineering

Dallas Baptist University’s Associate of Engineering program provides the foundational knowledge for a career in the fast-growing engineering industry.

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7 Strategies for College Students to Prevent Procrastination

Procrastination is a common difficulty for college students. These seven strategies can help you decrease the habit of putting things off.

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Six Leadership Strategies for College Students

Dallas Baptist University students have multiple leadership activities available. Here are six ways they can develop their leadership skills.

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6 Reasons Why Internships Are Important

College internships are an excellent way for students to gain valuable work experience, advance their careers, and develop servant leadership skills.

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Invest in Your Future with a Course on Financial Literacy

You build wise financial stewardship on the foundation of financial literacy. That’s why financial literacy for college students is essential and pays dividends.


10 Affordable and Easy Crafts for Your Dorm Room

The decor in your dorm room should ideally be a well-curated mix of practical and personal — and these 10 DIY crafts for dorm rooms are inspiring, inexpensive, and fun.

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11 Fast, Delicious, and Easy Recipes for College Students

Are you tired of having every meal in the college dining hall? These 11 quick and easy recipes for college students are budget-friendly without skimping on flavor.


DBU Internships: Turn Your Faith-Based Learning into Real-World Experience

Students in programs across DBU can integrate their classroom learning with real-world experience through the internship opportunities in DFW.

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Calculating the Return on Investment of a Christ-centered College Education

Earning a Christ-centered college education is undoubtedly an investment, but it will pay dividends for your career and your calling. Here’s why it’s worth the cost.

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Excel in College: 7 Strategies to Overcome Academic Hurdles

The transition to college can be an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming. When academic challenges arise, here’s how to overcome them.

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Balancing Work and Studies: Part-Time Jobs in College

Adding a part-time job while in college can be tricky, but there are many great opportunities for good jobs throughout Dallas and online.

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How to Choose the Best Resolutions for a New College Year

Setting New Year’s resolutions in college is a great way to maintain focus in the year ahead, especially if you’re purposeful about choosing the right goals.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for the College Students on Your List

Buying Christmas gifts for college students may seem difficult, but with some inspirational ideas, you’re sure to find a special gift that they’ll use all year.

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Effective Study Techniques for College Students

If you’re seeking wisdom about how to study for finals, these 10 study tips will help you ace those tests and get through college successfully.


Must-Have Tech Gadgets for College Students in 2024

​​As a part of DBU's commitment to providing cutting-edge education, we've compiled a list of the top tech gadgets for college students in 2024.


Textbook Savings Hacks: How to Save Big Bucks on Books

College textbooks are expensive. But, with these seven textbook savings hacks, you can avoid sticker shock and save money every semester.

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Tips for Maintaining Good Mental Health in College

Taking care of your mental health in college is essential for success, and these top tips will make it easier to prioritize your well-being.


Tips for Staying on Track and Staying Fit in College

Exercising in college can be a challenge, but the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of staying fit make exercise a top priority for students.

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The Best Tips and Tricks to Make the Most of University Life

Implementing a few daily life hacks and tips for students will help you thrive in every aspect of university life, on-campus and off.


Budgeting Tips for College Students: A Step-by-Step Guide

College students: Master your finances with expert budgeting tips. Prioritize needs, minimize spending, and explore campus resources.