Drug and Alcohol Prevention & Services Offered

The DBU Counseling Center is committed to providing a safe place for faculty, staff, and students who are struggling with drug and/or alcohol use to receive help. Additionally, the Counseling Center serves as a source of prevention from these issues by providing free counseling sessions for clients to work through emotional issues before the client uses drugs or alcohol to cope. By helping clients learn healthy coping tools, clients learn how to process difficult emotions or events without engaging in unhealthy habits, including drugs or alcohol. For more information, visit the additional Resources page to read our informational packet on addiction.

Outpatient Care

For clients who struggle with severe drug or alcohol use, the Counseling Center may refer the client to outpatient care. The Counseling Center partners with Meier Clinics and The Santé Center for Healing for any clients that may be better served through an outpatient referral.

Contact Information for Outpatient Care Referrals:

Meier Clinics

Catalyst Program


Sante Center for Healing

(800) 258-4250

(940) 464-7222

Alcohol Use Survey

If you are concerned about your usage of alcohol, please take the Counseling Center’s Alcohol Use Survey Below. Please note that your responses and results will be sent to the Counseling Center when you hit “submit.” If you would like to discuss the results of your survey with a counselor, please sign up for counseling at counselingcenter.dbu.edu or call (214) 333-5288.