Prayer Journal for Dr. Gary Cook's Battle with Leukemia

On October 12, 2007, Dr. Gary Cook, who at the time was serving as President of DBU, went to his doctor for a normal yearly exam and was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. He was immediately admitted to the hospital and remained there for 32 days. Through the prayers of countless individuals and the wonderful care of the doctors, nurses, and administrators at Baylor University Medical Center, he was pronounced to be in remission five months later.

When news of his illness began to spread, several individuals contacted DBU and asked how they could pray for Dr. Cook. A man of prayer himself, he knew that his healing and restoration could only come about from the intervention of God and the prayers of others. So we began this blog two days after his diagnosis to keep people updated on his condition and provide specific prayer requests for Dr. Cook.

Even after his clean bill of health, others have continued to express encouragement from reading through Dr. Cook’s journey, some of whom have even been also diagnosed with leukemia. For this reason, we continue to leave this prayer blog on the DBU website as a tribute to the great healing work of God and also a sign of encouragement to others who may be facing cancer or other serious health problems.