March 10, 2008

A Note from Dr. Cook

Dear Friends,

I will never be able to express to all of you my greatest appreciation for your prayers. Sheila and I have been encouraged by knowing that even Christians we do not know are praying for me. I have been touched in the deepest part of my heart by your love and concern.

I just wanted to share with you this email that I received last week from one of our wonderful students. God has sent to DBU some of the most dedicated Christian students in the world.

Good morning Mr. Killingsworth,

I am a student through the Adult Education program. I have been at DBU for a year now and have enjoyed every minute. I wanted to share with you something that happened this morning. I work in the Plaza of the Americas building downtown Dallas. As I was walking in this morning at 7:00 am a gentlemen was walking behind me and he saw my DBU book bag. He asked if I went to DBU and I informed him I was a student now. He said he had been praying for Dr. Cook as he had heard about his medical condition and how unfortunate it was. He stated he has no affiliation with DBU but after hearing about his sickness months ago he felt compelled to pray for him. I shared with him the latest update I had read a few day ago and asked him to continue praying and especially for Dr. Cook's white blood count to increase.

With all this being said I just wanted to let you know that there are so many people who are not part of the DBU family who are praying for Dr. Cook. He has made an impact not only at DBU but apparently in areas he does not know. This man touched my heart and reaffirmed to me that God sends people into our lives if only briefly to let us know that prayer is so positive.

Please let Dr. Cook know people everywhere are praying for him.

Yours in Christ,

------ --------

Please keep praying for me. I want so much to be healed and restored.

Gary Cook