November 16, 2007

Praise the Lord Again!!!

Wonderful news!!! Dr. Cook went to the doctor today, and his white blood cell count is really doing well.

Just keep praying for him to be totally restored to good health. He will begin outpatient chemotherapy in three and one-half weeks.

Dr. Cook is so thrilled to be back on campus. He goes for a walk 30 minutes every day, and he is able to meet with staff members and vice presidents in the President’s Home in order to conduct DBU business.

He is giving God all the glory for his good news in regard to the white blood cell count. He wanted you to know that listening to Christian music has been a part of his therapy, and he encourages everyone to listen to Christian hymns and praise songs on CDs. The Bible has given him Word after Word of comfort. And he has felt the Lord’s presence very close to him throughout this illness.