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The program in Philosophy is dedicated, on the foundation of the Christian faith, to the pursuit of an understanding of reality, both infinite and finite; to the systematic study of ideas and a reasoned pursuit of truth; to an examination of the principles of moral conduct and aesthetic experience; and overall, seeks to understand the world and human life from the perspective of the Christian world view. The goals of this department are to acquaint the student with the main philosophical subdisciplines (metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, aesthetics); to help the student learn to think, speak, write, and evaluate logically and critically; to help the student understand the main problems of philosophy and the solutions proposed to them; to help the student trace the development of the history of philosophy; and to help the student become familiar with the main philosophers and their systems of thought which have contributed to this history. Those majoring in philosophy will be prepared for graduate school and/or careers in business, law, ministry, teaching, and writing, as well as pursuing philosophy itself professionally. Students may pursue either a B.A. or a B.S. in philosophy.


Goals of the Philosophy Major

  • To enable students to obtain a general understanding of the methods, vocabulary, and content of the discipline of philosophy.
  • To train students in the basic principles of sound reasoning and critical thinking.
  • To expose students to the essential tenets of fundamental world views, including a Biblical vision of reality, and training them in the art of thinking presuppositionally.
  • To teach students how philosophic thought has unfolded throughout the centuries by introducing them to the main ideas of key philosophers who have contributed significantly to the development of the Western intellectual tradition.
  • To impart to students enhanced expertise in the research and writing process through the composition of a senior project on a topic of historic or contemporary philosophical importance.



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