Overview of the College of Christian Faith

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Mary C. Crowley College of Christian Faith is to provide for all students of Dallas Baptist University a working knowledge of both the Old and New Testaments in order that they may have a Biblical foundation for all their life experiences; and to provide a program of study for majors and minors in Biblical Studies, Christian Studies, Intercultural Studies (Missions), and Philosophy to equip them for Christian leadership and graduate study in these fields.

Goals of the College

  • To equip students with the ability to articulate a general knowledge of the Bible, including for some, a knowledge extending to the original Biblical languages.
  • To produce students who will become skilled servant leaders in ministry, reflecting the spiritual values of the historic Christian faith.
  • To provide a foundation of high-quality academic training for ministry, enabling students to serve as pastors, teachers, missionaries, and in other positions of Christian leadership; and enabling students to excel as graduate students at seminaries and universities in their chosen field.
  • To guide students in developing a Christian theology, philosophy, and world view.
  • To expose students to the premises of various world and life views that are distinctly different from the Christian perspective.
  • To instill in students a commitment to a Biblically-based philosophy of Christian education, including a commitment to personal evangelism and the global mission of the church.