Welcome to the Graduate School of Ministry

The Graduate School of Ministry provides training for individuals who sense God’s call to ministry. These university model degree programs are designed to prepare students to impact culture through practical ministry in the church, community, and world. The mission of the Graduate School of Ministry integrates biblical foundations of Christian faith and values with professional academic studies. The goal of the Graduate School of Ministry is to develop lifelong ministry scholars and practitioners, thus supporting Dallas Baptist University’s mission of producing effective servant leaders who serve throughout the world with distinction.

Graduate Ministry Degrees

Master of Arts in Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care

The M.A. in Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care prepares servant leaders with the theological and practical competencies needed to serve as chaplains in various contexts.

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Master of Arts in Children's Ministry

The M.A. in Children's Ministry prepares students for the enormous privilege of helping children follow Christ throughout their lives.

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Master of Arts in Christian Counseling

The M.A. in Christian Counseling is a non-licensure, 36-hour graduate program designed to provide Christ-centered education to prepare servant leaders for the practical ministry of Christian counseling.

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Master of Arts in Christian Ministry

The M.A. in Christian Ministry program explores general ministry concepts to equip students for a lifetime of service in various church or church-related contexts.

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Master of Arts in Education Ministry Leadership

The M.A. in Education Ministry Leadership program provides an efficient degree plan with the benefit of extended concentrations in multiple ministry areas.

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Master of Arts in Family Ministry

The M.A. in Family Ministry program approaches family ministry from a therapeutic perspective, considering the specific needs of certain life stages and how to respond appropriately to family crises.

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Master of Arts in Global Leadership

The M.A. in Global Leadership program explores ways to lead in today's rapidly changing world of globalization, resurgent cultural values, religions, clashing worldviews, professional domains, and business ventures.

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Master of Arts in Theological Studies

The M.A. in Theological Studies program combines a classical graduate theological education with practical ministry applications, including a supervised practicum in a ministry context.

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Master of Arts in Worship Studies

The M.A. in Worship Studies program allows students to participate in a Christ-centered, holistic study of Christian worship in preparation for lifelong servant leadership in diverse worship contexts.

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Ministry Fellowship Program

The Ministry Fellowship Program at Dallas Baptist University delivers comprehensive, accredited, and fully transferrable graduate classes to participants in church residency programs through courses in the Graduate School of Ministry.

Residents who complete the required courses will earn an Advanced Certificate from DBU in their respective field of ministry and may directly transfer courses into a master's degree.

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Church Resources

DBU partners with local churches to offer them several resources to support them in ministry.