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Biblical Studies

The program of study for a major in Biblical Studies is designed to prepare students for further seminary or university studies, or for a lifetime of study and service without further formal training. The Mary C. Crowley College of Christian Faith encourages on‑the‑job training for Biblical Studies majors in cooperation with local churches, hospitals, missions, and other religious institutions.

Biblical Languages are not required for a major in Biblical Studies but is strongly recommended. The second year of Greek or Intermediate Hebrew will count as part of the general studies foreign language requirement.


Goals of the Biblical Studies Major

  • To equip the student with the ability to articulate a general knowledge of the Old Testament and New Testament.
  • To provide a foundation of high quality academic training for ministry, equipping students to serve as pastors, teachers, missionaries, and in other positions of Christian leadership.
  • To provide the academic foundation that will enable DBU graduates to be accepted in and graduate from graduate theological programs.
  • To enable the student to ponder the ultimate questions of life; to develop a strong, maturing, distinctively evangelical faith; and to present an apologetic to competing views.
  • To lay a Biblical foundation for the student's task of integrating faith and learning.
  • To integrate the Biblical studies discipline with God's truth wherever it is found.



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