Professional Portfolio Program

You want a college degree. It’s been a dream. Now it is a need. You need a degree to advance your career, but you don’t know if you have the time to invest in earning a four-year degree. That is where DBU’s Professional Portfolio Program can help. The Professional Portfolio Program allows you to translate your work experience into as many as 30 hours of college credit, so you earn your degree faster—all within a Christ-centered environment that gives you the support you need to achieve success.

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Save Time and Money

Not only does the Professional Portfolio Program help you save time, it helps save money too. Students pay tuition for the Professional Portfolio class but do not pay tuition for the hours awarded through the class.

How It Works

  1. Students enroll in the Professional Portfolio class (PRST 3305 – Professional Learning)
  2. Students complete a professional portfolio detailing how their work experience correlates with college-level courses
  3. The student’s portfolio is reviewed by an independent panel of experts to determine the amount of credit to be awarded
  4. Up to 30 hours of credit hours are added to the student’s transcript as hours completed toward their degree

Experienced Professors Willing to Help

Our professors have a long history of serving adult students who are balancing work, family, and school. They support you, pray for you, and genuinely want to help you succeed.

The DBU Difference

At DBU, we believe all truth comes from God. Each discipline and each class fully integrates a biblical faith into academic learning. One of our professors describes it as a glass of ice tea. When you add sugar to the tea, it interacts with the liquid and sinks to the bottom. But when you stir the tea, the sugar fundamentally changes the tea. It looks the same, but it is so much sweeter. The integration of faith is like sugar. Faith makes a DBU education fundamentally different. You will learn the same concepts you would anywhere else, but the experience will be richer because of the integration of faith.

Our Graduates

Our graduates can be found working at the corporate level for organizations such as Coca-Cola, Southwest Airlines, McKesson, and Bell Helicopter. They are teachers, leaders, and community-builders. They are servant leaders with a heart to make a difference in the world.

Get Started

Contact your College of Professional Studies advisor at 214-333-5337 or apply for admission today! The application is free and takes only 15-20 minutes to complete.