Custom Professional Development

Our custom professional development programs provide a unique approach to meeting the talent enhancement challenges of your organization. Built around our existing core competencies, we are able to design a relevant, customizable program, encompassing training solutions, which will enrich your employees’ skills and knowledge. Programs are built to meet the professional development goals of small, medium, and large organizations. Courses may be held on-site, online, or at one of our three conveniently located campuses.

Equip. Strengthen. Lead.

DBU’s custom professional development program is designed to equip and strengthen your employees with cutting edge ideas and practices to produce confident leaders. These options do not have to be done in order. They are designed to be built upon; however, they are all their own unique, individual options.
Individual Seminars
  • Provide relevant information to strengthen your employees
  • Repeatable, with single or multiple session options
  • 1-2 hour sessions
  • Can be held at any of DBU’s three locations or at your organization’s location
  • Available for specific topics
    • Leadership
    • Sales
    • Management
    • Innovation
    • Communication
    • Marketing
    • Project Management
    • Information Systems
    • IT Management
Seminar Series
  • Designed to build on Individual Seminars
  • Adds 3-5 modular Seminar options
  • Allows for topic expansion
  • Provides flexibility
  • Covers a comprehensive subject range
  • 2-3 hour time periods
  • Can be held at any of DBU’s three locations or at your organization’s location
Professional Certificates
  • Non-credit certificate
  • Available for entry-level or senior-level positions
  • 2-3 Seminar Series consists of 1 Certificate
  • Designed to prepare learners for new careers, qualify for promotions, and gain or refine expertise in a particular area
Undergraduate and Graduate Certificates
  • For-credit certificate
  • Certificates completed can be applied toward a master’s or bachelor’s degree
  • 4-8 academic courses in specified fields of study
  • Course offerings may be taken at a DBU location or online