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The Mail Services office is located on the lower level of the John G. Mahler Student Center, next to the Financial Aid office.

Mahler Student Center

Students who live on campus will receive an e-mail notification and/or a text message that they have a package ready to be picked up in Mail Services. The e-mail/SMS will be sent to the student’s assigned DBU e-mail address/phone once the package has arrived on campus.

Yes, all students on campus will receive a mailbox. A student’s mailbox location depends where the student resides. In order to obtain their mailbox, resident students must visit the Mail Services office to receive their mailbox assignment.

Mahler Student Center

DBU’s business address does not allow students to forward their mail through the USPS after students move off campus. All students who are moving off campus must use the DBU Mail Services Permanent Change of Address Form and then turn it into the Mail Services Office before moving. This form authorizes DBU Mail Services to provide senders with the student's new address. However, we strongly recommend that students personally notify senders such as banks, credit card companies, cell phone companies, etc. about the change of address.

Permanent Change of Address Form

Anyone sending letters or packages to students should use the following address format:

John Smith
DBU Box ####
3000 Mountain Creek Parkway
Dallas, TX 75211