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DBU Patriots, you can now access Blackboard, WebAdvisor, Email and other student resources through your MyDBU account. Your MyDBU account is a service to empower all Dallas Baptist University students with simplified and secure, one-click access to applications we use on a daily basis, all conveniently under one roof. When you log in to your MyDBU account, you can access almost all the available resources without having to log in separately into each application. 

Other Student Resources:


Faculty, Staff, and Adjuncts

Online Courses/ Blackboard
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For current online faculty (those who are teaching courses via the Internet "Blackboard" system).

Outlook E-mail (Web Enabled)
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Access your faculty/staff OUTLOOK e-mail account via your web browser.

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Access DBU Navigate, the student success tool where faculty/staff submit at-risk alerts and grade checks, and advisors can communicate with their advisees.

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Access Colleague student information or perform tasks such as grading, advising, and student planning.


If you need help logging in, please contact the Help Desk at (214) 333-5500.