DBU's University Honors Program

A Question of Honor

Theologian Frederick Buechner observed that "the place God calls you to is where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet." Few things excite us more at Dallas Baptist University than helping students cultivate an expansive, holistic Christian vision of life and culture that prepares them to think, live, and serve throughout the world.

The University Honors Program exists to help some of our brightest and most gifted scholars discover the extent of their abilities and callings. We want to help equip you for a life of significant service to the Kingdom of God. We also want you to experience the pleasure of God in doing your best in your studies for His purposes. Participation in our honors program offers a rich thought world, a rich aesthetic experience, and a rich concern for this world's needs. We challenge you to understand the broad sociological, economic, and philosophical forces that drive our civilization. We offer a profound biblical understanding that provides scholars with practical, real-world answers. 

Our University Honors program, with its interdisciplinary core, is designed to help college students make connections across classes and to encourage them to engage in a high level of critical thinking along with intellectual and personal growth. One of the ways the Honors program accomplishes this is by helping scholars understand the historical and sociocultural context of the ideas that they encounter. When you know where an idea comes from, you are better equipped to speak to it from a Christian perspective. We also encourage scholars to see more deeply into the foundations of each subject, helping them engage their studies as part of the Great Conversation.

A Question of Community

Our interactive, discussion-based University Honors Program courses are taught by some of DBU's most outstanding faculty. Our classes are smaller than the University's already attractive low faculty-student ratio, and we encourage faculty that teach in the University Honors Program to build close relationships with honors students. Holistic learning from a Christian perspective involves more than just the classroom experience because learning is never just a personal endeavor.

In addition, the University Honors Program offers an annual fall study retreat, as well as an annual spring conference. Guest lectures by noted Christian scholars, a weekly worldview symposium, and involvement in local cultural events are other vital ways that DBU strives to build an active learning Christian community of faculty and students, as well as provide opportunities to build friendships.

A Question of Preparation

Our program's course of study includes a senior thesis or project in your major designed to help expand your analytical, imaginative, and technical understanding. Each thesis or project is supervised by a faculty mentor who gives you one-on-one attention and encouragement. Your senior thesis helps you to see the big picture through a Christian world-view because authentic learning continues across your courses and college career and on into your future callings and careers.

Students in the University Honors Program will participate in enrichment events and complete an enrichment event portfolio. The event portfolio will serve as a useful tool when interviewing for a job, applying for graduate school, or when venturing into the public sector.

The University Honors Program also helps students prepare for graduate school, as well as other positions of cultural influence. Also, successful completion of the University Honors Program carries with it recognition at graduation, on your transcript, and in future interviews.

In the last analysis, however, the University Honors Program is concerned with more than conferring honor on our gifted scholars. We are about developing the whole person for a life of honoring others in the name of Jesus Christ. This calls for a consideration of the entire person, a mind sharpened and equipped to its uttermost; emotions given over to what is true, good, and beautiful; hands that act out of true worship and a spirit of service; a worldview that is centered in a biblical life and thought and deeply influenced by Christian tradition.