Frequently Asked Questions

Someone who:

  • Welcomes new thoughts and ideas and enjoys being challenged
  • Relishes a biblical understanding of life and culture
  • Is interested in participating in a cultural and intellectual community
  • Likes small classes and intellectually stimulating dialogue
  • Recognizes the intrinsic value and strategic importance of academic training
  • Wants to pursue the virtues required for learning
  1. Fill out application
  2. Write a 250-to-500-word letter of interest explaining your interest in the UHP and attach it to the application
  3. You will also need two faculty recommendations
  4. After your file is complete, we will notify you of full acceptance into the program
  • Students need to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.2 while attending DBU
  • Beginning fall 2006, students accepted into the UHP will register for Honors Enrichment each fall and spring
  • We especially encourage regular participation in UHP-sponsored events, such as the fall faculty-student retreat and spring student conference
  • You must have a minimum of 3.5 GPA to complete the program
  • Students in the program do not have to take Honors courses every semester
  • Most students coming into the program in their First Year year will complete the majority of their Honors courses in the first two or three years of college
  • The senior thesis or project is completed in the final year
  • Honors Enrichment courses are taken in the first three years and do not cost the student any tuition

The primary purpose of the University Honors Program is to help prepare you to become a person who can contribute in an essential way to whatever calling God has on your life. We believe that the best way we can do this is by enlarging your understanding of God's truth, goodness, and beauty wherever it is expressed in creation.

Our classes are smaller than DBU's already attractive faculty-student ratio, and we encourage faculty that teach in the UHP to build close relationships with honors students. The University Honors Program also carries with it some unique opportunities, including our Honors Study Abroad program, which is open to sophomore students. Also, a graduate school resource center designed to help you learn about some of the best Christians teaching in graduate schools. And of course, the UHP is a vital addition to your resume during job interviews.

Recognition of University Honors Program graduates includes an Honors Program notation on the transcript and diploma, as well as special recognition at graduation.

Additionally, each year the Honors faculty will select an eligible student to receive Honors Student of the Year at the University Honors Banquet and be recognized at the annual Honors Day program.

The UHP does not provide specific scholarships. However, the Office of Financial Aid will assist you in determining your eligibility for Federal, State, and other aid programs.

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No. At DBU, we believe it is essential for University Honors Program students to build community not only with each other but also with students from a wide range of backgrounds, interests, and abilities. Please view our University Housing webpage for more information.

No. University Honors Program participation is open to both resident students and commuters. There are certain advantages to living on campus, especially for the traditional 18-to-24-year-old college student. Campus life is more readily accessible, and you’ll find it easier to build friendships.

A University Honors Program course of study by its very nature is going to be more challenging than many traditional college classes, but keep in mind that students often underrate their own potential for rising to the challenge. University Honors Program classes also provide unique opportunities to engage your imagination and critical thinking skills, and when this happens, students end up enjoying themselves, thereby succeeding in course performance.

Students will be placed on probation or suspension. 

Please refer to the UHP admissions information page. 

With careful planning, the University Honors Program should not prolong a student’s stay. Some transfer students may elect to remain at DBU an extra semester to take advantage of the program.

No. University Honors Program courses carry no additional tuition rate or fee. Some extracurricular events do have a nominal cost, but the University Honors Program offers financial assistantship for the Faculty-Student Retreat and local cultural trips to help off-set this.

The University Honors Program is open to all majors. Students majoring in Education, Business, and Music will need to pay close attention to their course of study since these majors offer few or no electives.

Not necessarily, but you will need to be willing to be as flexible as possible in setting your schedule. Typically, only one University Honors Program section of each course is offered per semester. You should plan, when possible, to make your Honors courses a priority. Also, plan to take advantage of any preregistration or advance registration opportunities your major offers.

Each student should know his or her range of abilities. In college, you have to learn to balance study with recreation, community service and ministry, and employment or other forms of University activity. Conditions that make it difficult for one student to succeed make it possible for another to thrive. Honors courses, by their very nature, demand your best, and this often translates into a significant time commitment, but one we judge well-worth the effort.

Some University Honors Program events, such as the end of the fall semester party, are non-academic. Local cultural trips and movie discussion nights are extracurricular and, therefore, less academic in feel.

University Honors Program sponsored local cultural trips, including the annual faculty-student retreat, are open to all students. The Spring University Honors Banquet is open to only Honors students and their families. If you have any questions, you can always contact our office at 214-333-5526.

You will, of course, not be able to graduate as a University Honors Program student; however, your DBU transcript will continue to list the University Honors Program courses you passed as Honors. If you decide not to continue, please let us know your reasons. Sometimes, if a student is struggling personally or academically, we can help.