Services Provided

Although most classrooms are wheelchair accessible, in some instances a classroom may be scheduled that precludes easy access for individuals with mobility issues. In the event that a student is unable to access a class in which he/she is enrolled, an alternative class location that is more easily accessible may be a viable option. The schedule of each student receiving disability accommodations is reviewed each semester to insure that any accessibility issues have been addressed prior to the beginning of classes. If a class is relocated, each student will be notified by the college within which the course is offered. If you have not been notified at least two days prior to the beginning of classes regarding a class relocation and will experience difficulty accessing the class location, please contact Disability and Accommodation Services at 214‑333‑5433 for assistance.

Handicap parking is provided in strategic locations throughout the campus. Handicapped parking is reserved for those who have procured the proper clearance to utilize these special spaces. Please ensure that your vehicle has handicapped designated license plates or that you have secured a temporary handicapped parking placard to utilize these spaces. A temporary parking placard (for use on the DBU campus only) may be obtained by providing documentation of need to Disability and Accommodation Services in the Office of Student Affairs. Long-term handicapped parking will require a state-issued handicapped parking permit.

Only those animals that have been approved as designated service animals may accompany a student, faculty or staff member on campus. Proper documentation must be provided to Disability and Accommodation Services prior to the introduction of the animal to the campus community. Individuals utilizing service animals are responsible for the care and cleaning of these animals. Any animal waste must be collected and discarded in a proper trash receptacle by the service animal user.

Food service on the DBU campus is provided by Sodexo. All residents living in the residence halls on campus are required to purchase a DBU meal plan in order to reside on campus. Students with specific food allergies or other special dietary needs should provide information regarding specific requests to Disability and Accommodation Services in the Office of Student Affairs. The Office of Student Affairs will review the accommodation requests and provide the relevant documents to representatives from Dining Services. It may be necessary to schedule an opportunity for representatives from Dining Services to meet with the student to discuss his/her specific request. These arrangements will be made through the Student Affairs Office after the initial documents have been submitted. Disability and Accommodation Services will seek to aid the student in procuring reasonable accommodations for their special dining and nutritional needs.

The Residence Life community on campus is a vibrant and exciting place to grow and learn during the college years. Students with disability accommodation needs may require consideration for special housing requests. Students with mobility issues will have priority access to special handicapped accessible rooms. Requests for specific room arrangements will be considered on a case-by-case basis based on relevant documentation and available space.

The Residence Life staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist students with their immediate needs. Additional modifications may be necessary to accommodate all student requests. Please contact Disability and Accommodation Services to request additional assistance.

The University Writing Center is located in a handicap accessible space on the lower level of the Collins Learning Center. The center strives to offer student support in communication skills at any level and any discipline through consultation with qualified and trained writing consultants. Students with disabilities associated with written expression and/or reading difficulties are encouraged to utilize the services of the DBU Writing Center. Students who wish to disclose their disability needs may share these issues with the Director of the Writing Center. Accommodation requests will not be provided to the Writing Center without the student’s specific direction.

The DBU Math Lab is located in a handicap accessible space on the first floor of the Roberts Building room 117A on Saturdays. During the week it is located in Roberts room 225. Math tutoring through the Math Lab is free to all students. The tutors are DBU math students, most of whom are math majors. For additional information regarding hours and specific skills covered in the Math Lab call 214‑333‑5303 for assistance.

In some situations students may require additional time on tests or special environmental parameters that are not achievable in the traditional classroom setting or within the time constraints of the class. Class professors may elect to utilize the Student Affairs Office as the proctor for some testing situations. Students are encouraged to discuss testing accommodations prior to testing days. In some cases the professor may elect to proctor the test himself/herself. In other instances the test may be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs in order to administer the test.

Students may be placed in a solitary room under video surveillance in order to complete the test with extended time requirements and/or a quiet environment free from distractions. Testing location and times are limited. Please call the Student Affairs Office in advance to ensure a testing time and place are available when needed.