Disability and Accommodation Requests

In order to receive disability accommodations, students must provide information from their physician or other appropriately credentialed health care provider including diagnosis and specific recommendations for accommodation.

Individuals seeking accommodation for a learning disability should provide a copy of recent testing documentation (within the last three years) concerning their learning disability. This documentation should include results from diagnostic tests as well as conclusions that were drawn from the data. Specific recommendations are essential in order to adequately process and accommodate each student request.

Students with physical disabilities, or other health-related conditions requiring disability accommodations, must provide a recent statement from their health professional documenting the type of disability, as well as the nature and scope of the disability. This documentation should also include the physician’s recommendations for any accommodation to aid the student in their academic pursuits.

The Dallas Baptist University disability accommodation request form can be procured at:

After completion by you and your health care provider, please submit the form and any supporting documentation you choose to provide to:

Disability and Accommodation Services, Office of Director of Student Services

Dallas Baptist University

3000 Mountain Creek Parkway

Dallas, Texas 75211‑9299