Working With Your Faculty

Before each semester Disability and Accommodation Services checks the schedule of all students receiving disability accommodations and notifies their professors through email. It is important for students to check with each of their faculty members in the first few days of the semester to make sure they have had a chance to read and review the accommodations materials. This is a good chance to talk with your professor about your accommodation needs and how you can partner to make the class beneficial to all.


Communication is key in working with your class professors. If you feel you are struggling with the material or need additional assistance related to the course delivery, it is important to talk with your professor. Your success is important, and we want to do as much as we can to help address any difficulties related to your disability. Your professor may have some additional resources or may be able to offer insight that can help with your issues. He/she may also refer you back to Disability and Accommodation Services to address your concerns.