Disability and Accommodation Services

The service of others is a hallmark of the Dallas Baptist University experience. Disability and Accommodation Services (DAS) at DBU serves as the primary contact point for students with disabilities. The objective of DAS is to assist students in the pursuit of their educational goals by providing appropriate accommodations and support. DAS strives to deliver an efficient and effective foundation on which each student can build a successful college career. Our desire is to develop solutions that will focus on each student's intellectual, physical and personal strengths and will provide them with the skills necessary to serve others in the university community and beyond.

Disability and Accommodation Services is located in suite 104 on the first floor of the Dean Learning Center. Students seeking disability accommodations may schedule an appointment with the Director of Student Services to discuss the accommodation process or ask any questions they may have about disability accommodations at DBU. You may contact the Student Affairs Office at 214‑333‑5394. Students may also choose to communicate via e-mail to dss@dbu.edu.

Our hope is the website will provide a wealth of information to assist you in seeking programs and services to meet your needs. Please contact our office if we can be of further assistance.