Professional Portfolio Pathway FAQs

Below are general answers to questions about the Professional Portfolio Pathway. However, our trained and experienced admissions counselors can help you with further information, explanation of any answers, as well as answers about your specific experience and pursuit of a degree.

How do I contact an admissions counselor?

Admissions counselors can be reached by phone at (214) 333-5337 or through email at

Who is a good candidate for the Professional Portfolio Pathway?

An ideal student for this program would be an experienced working adult with at least 5 years of professional/work experience. The portfolio is ideal for satisfying elective credits toward a bachelor's degree.

This pathway is not for students in the Inverted Pathway. Read about DBU's Inverted Pathway. Our trained and experienced advisors can help determine if this program is for you.

Do I pay for the course and the credits I receive from my petitions?

Students will pay for the Professional Portfolio course at the current tuition rate. Students do not pay tuition for the hours they are awarded from their petitions. There is a $400 fee for the portfolio evaluation process.

Do I have to attempt to receive 30 hours?

No. You may petition for up to 30 hours. We suggest that you petition for up to six hours over the amount you want to receive in order to maximize your potential hours earned.

How much time does the Professional Portfolio class require weekly?

If you are petitioning for 30 hours, which is the maximum allowed, you can expect to spend about 12 hours outside of class per week.

If I am a current DBU student, can I do the Professional Portfolio Pathway?

Yes, reach out to your advisor now to let them know of your interest and to see if the program is best for you.

Can I take another class while taking the Professional Portfolio course?

Yes, students are welcome to take other courses while taking the portfolio course. In fact, financial aid recipients must take 6 credit hours per semester to qualify as part-time students. However, it is recommended that students take only the portfolio class and in a long semester, at least 10-week summer or ideally a 15-week fall or spring semester. If other courses are desired or needed for financial aid purposes, consider a mini-term or select a course of personal interest for the second course.

Is there a minimum number of hours that I am required to petition?

No, you can petition for as little as 3 hours; however, the portfolio class is designed to benefit the student, saving time and money by earning up to 30 hours of credit in one semester.

What kind of courses can I petition for credit?

Students may petition for courses in a field related to their professional work experience. Typically, these courses will be in areas such as business, Christian ministry, and communications.

Is it a requirement that I work in the same field as the class that I will be petitioning to receive credit?

No, as long as you have the skillset and the documentation to show the knowledge you have gained from your professional work experience, you may petition for credit in that area.

How will credit hours received through the portfolio be applied to my degree?

Portfolio credit can be used to satisfy elective credits and up to 15 hours of the major in an interdisciplinary degree.

What does a student’s Professional Portfolio look like at the end of the class?

The finished portfolio will be a large binder, including the petitions you will write, your resume, autobiography, and all documentation you have gathered to demonstrate your work experience.

How long after the class finishes does it take to know what credits I receive?

Usually, the portfolio evaluation process takes 6 to 8 weeks. Due to the time that it takes to evaluate a portfolio, you are not allowed to take the portfolio class in your final semester before graduating.

How will credit from the portfolio appear on my transcript?

Students will receive three hours of credit and a grade for the Professional Portfolio course. The hours of credit that are awarded for each petition that is written will appear on the student’s transcript, but they will not have a grade for those credit hours.