Credit for Work Experience

The Professional Portfolio allows working adults to translate their work experience into as many as 30 hours of college credit.

With the Professional Portfolio Pathway, you earn your degree faster—all within a Christ-centered environment that gives you the support you need to achieve success.

Learn more about how the Professional Portfolio Pathway helps working adults earn their bachelor's degree faster while saving money. View the presentation linked below.

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Save Time and Money

Not only does the Professional Portfolio help you save time, but it also helps save money too. Working adults pay tuition for the Professional Portfolio class but do not pay tuition for the hours awarded through the class.

How it Works

  1. Working adults enroll in the Professional Portfolio class (PRST 3305 – Professional Learning)
  2. They complete a professional portfolio detailing how their work experience correlates with college-level courses
  3. The student’s portfolio is reviewed by an independent panel of experts to determine the amount of credit to be awarded
  4. Up to 30 hours of credit hours are added to the student’s transcript as hours completed toward their bachelor's degree