5 Steps Toward a Successful Career

Step I - Career Counseling

Individual counseling is done on a one-on-one basis with those students who seek direction in making career choices. Students are urged to call our office for an appointment.

Step II - Résumé Writing/Critique and Interviewing Preparation

The key to a successful job search is an effective résumé. Students are assisted in producing résumés that result in action, proper interviewing techniques, and job search strategies.

Step III – On-and Off-Campus Part-time Jobs

Assistance is available to coordinate part-time employment on campus. Many outside local companies and vendors employ students on a part-time basis throughout the year. Flexible hours are available and employers are willing to work with students’ schedules.

Step IV - Job Fairs

In an effort to bring our students in contact with local businesses, two general Job Fairs are offered each year. One is held in the fall and the other in the spring. Also, a Part-Time Job Fair is held each Fall for those students seeking part-time on-campus or off-campus employment. Details concerning dates and times are posted.

Step V – Full-time Employment After Graduation

We assist our students after graduation in their transition from student to highly productive employees, in résumé distribution, job opportunities, and current trends.

For more information, contact Career Services at (214) 333-5556 or via email a careerservices@dbu.edu.