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Traffic Violations and Fines

Violation Fine
Altering or destroying campus property $100
Blocking crosswalks or driveways $50
Double parking or blocking other vehicles $30
Removal of immobilization boot $50
Failure to display permit decal properly $25
Failure to observe stop sign $35
Failure to park correctly $30
Failure to park in correct parking lot $40
Failure to register vehicle $75
Failure to stop when asked by an officer $50
Failure to yield right of way to pedestrians $50
Operating motor vehicle in prohibited areas $25
Parked in a fire lane $75
Parked in a handicapped space $75
Parked in a reserved parking space $50
Parked within 15 feet of fire hydrant $100
Parked on grass or lawn area $50
Operating vehicle in unsafe manner $50
Violation Fine
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