Computer Science Major (BA/BS)

The Computer Science discipline provides opportunities for students in all majors to learn necessary computer skills to be able to function in the world of today as servant leaders.

** Check individual degree requirements for specific total credit hours.  

Computer Science Concentration Options

  • Business
  • Computer Security
  • Education
  • Internet Computing
  • Mathematics

Designed to Meet Your Needs

Course Convenience

DBU offers classes in a variety of formats, including:

  • Classroom
  • Hybrid (Classroom and Online)*
  • Online*

*Selected courses are available in the formats listed. View the current Schedule of Classes for specific courses.

Classes Start

Generally, classes begin four times a year:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter

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Credit Hours Overview

  • General Studies
    • BA: 67 Credit Hours
    • BS: 57 Credit Hours
  • Computer Science Major: 46 Credit Hours
  • Concentrations: 12 Credit Hours
  • Electives
    • Upper-Level
      • BA: 5 Credit Hours 
      • BS: 5 Credit Hours
    • Lower or Upper-Level:
      • BA: 0 Credit Hours 
      • BS: 0 Credit Hours
  • Minimum Total Credit Hours Required:
    • BA: 130 Credit Hours
    • BS: 120 Credit Hours

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Expected Educational Results

  • Employment for graduates in computer-related careers.
  • Graduates pursuing advanced degrees.

Travel Opportunities

In addition to mission trips, DBU periodically offers students travel opportunities for earning course credit.

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Computer Science Department's Mission Statement

The mission statement for the Computer Science Department reflects the DBU mission statement in its goal to produce servant leaders. The Computer Science Department of Dallas Baptist University is committed to providing a high-quality education that stresses excellence in work performance, scholarship, ethical application of knowledge, and logical and practical skills for dealing with a society that is dependent upon constantly continually computer-related technology. This will be accomplished within a Christian environment that provides a spiritual foundation.

Goals of the Computer Science Major

The computer science program seeks to:

  • Conform to the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) current academic guidelines.
  • Establish a working relationship with local businesses.
  • Provide
    • Opportunities for student research, internships, and charitable computer work.
    • Up-to-date equipment and software for hands-on learning.
    • A diversity of computer platforms.
  • Sponsor an on-campus computer club.

The computer science major prepares students for careers in which the computer plays a central role. A major in computer science requires a minimum of 40 credit hours in computer science plus a 12-credit-hour (upper-level) concentration in any approved applied fields such as business, computer security, education, internet computing, or mathematics. More than the minimum requirements in computer science will be necessary for students wishing to pursue graduate work in a related field. All computer science majors are required to take MATH 2309, 3302, and PHYS 1401 and 1402.

Students who choose to have a mathematics concentration are encouraged to consult their advisor regarding a double major in computer science and mathematics.