At DBU, it’s our vision to build a great Christian university that is pleasing to God by producing Christ-Centered servant leaders who are transforming the world. ServantU is a developmental opportunity to get a taste of this collegiate experience and share in our vision of producing tomorrow’s world changers.

High School students will experience an exciting week consisting of daily interactive academic courses, hands-on afternoon service/ministry projects, and fun nightly student activities. Pick one of the ServantU Tracks and find yourself interacting with professionals from the fields of your interest. ServantU is dedicated to offering you the chance to experience university life, enhance your leadership skills, and develop your passions. Register for ServantU today!


July 5 - 9, 2022


Students will be housed on the DBU campus in residence halls. All meals will be provided in the DBU Crowley Dining Hall.

Price: $200
The price will not increase, however, we do have limited spots for ServantU.


4:30-5:00: Arrival and Check-in

5:00-5:30: Welcome with Parents

5:45-6:15: Move into Dorms

6:00-6:45: Dinner

7:00-8:15: Evening Session

8:30-9:00: Small Group Introductions

9:15-11:00: Evening Activity

12:00: Lights Out

7:30-8:15: Breakfast

8:15-9:00: Small Group & Quiet Time

9:00-10:00: Chapel

10:00-11:00: Developing a Christian Mind Class

11:00-12:00: Specific Track Class

12:00-1:00: Lunch

1:00-4:00: Service/Rec

4:00-5:30: Free Time

5:30-6:30: Dinner

7:00-8:15: Worship & Speaker

8:30-9:00: Small Groups

9:15-11:00: Nightly Activity

12:00: Lights Out

8:15-9:00: Breakfast

9:00-10:00: Small Group & Quiet Time

10:00-11:00: Closing Chapel (with Parents)

11:00-12:00: Check-Out & Departure