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In an abundance of caution for #COVID19, Tech Talks on Design Thinking on March 19 has been cancelled. An email was sent to those who registered for the event. Please visit for more information.

Feb 20 | Mar 19 | Apr 16

Plano | DBU North

Join us for our Tech Talks, where industry leaders share their insights on Scaled Agile, Digital Transformation, Design Thinking, Information Security, and Data Privacy. All events are hosted at DBU North in Plano, Texas, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. We hope to see you there!

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Caleb Jenkins
Director of Software Engineering


Caleb Jenkins is an international speaker, author and 6 time Microsoft MVP award recipient, currently leads teams as a Director of Software Engineering at Solera in Westlake, TX. As a long-time community leader and former Microsoft Developer Evangelist Caleb is well known for his engaging speaking style, depth of knowledge and creative energy. He approaches software from a fresh perspective that spans UX, Agile, and enterprise customers from across the globe. He has previously led UX product design teams, coached multi-team agile transformations and architected and mentored at some of the largest companies in the world.  As someone who has been building software for over 20 years, Caleb leads teams that build critical software, impact industries, and care deeply about delivering quality with agility at a sustainable pace. Caleb will come at you from multiple angles, he has the hip hop that doesn’t stop, and to quote some other people: You’ll laugh, you’ll have a great time, and you’ll learn something while you’re at it. You can follow Caleb on twitter @calebjenkins or read his blog at  

Tony Daussat
Lead Experience Architect
Bottle Rocket


Tony is an endlessly curious professional with a demonstrated history of working in the design industry. He is currently the Lead Experience Architect at Bottle Rocket and the podcast host at Experience Design Podcast. Tony has also worked for Aperia Solutions Inc., Tony Daussat Design, and Sabre Corporations. Some of his outstanding skills are empathy, user experience design, team management, and brand development.

Valmiki Mukherjee
Co-Chair Davos Cyber Future Dialogue at Cyber Future Foundation
Managing Director, Americas Critical Infrastructure - Oil & Gas Security Leader at EY


Valmiki (Val) is a globally recognized expert in cyber and cloud security industry with a focus on innovation and collaboration to address the information security needs of the future. He is a Cyber Futurist, Diplomat, and Evangelist who promotes international cooperation and collaboration on Trusted Cyber. He currently serves as a Managing Director, Americas Critical Infrastructure - Oil & Gas Security Leader at EY. Val for several years has served as a trusted advisor to a number of the top Fortune 500 C-Level executives, public agency leaders, and education institution management teams.

Val is considered as an original thought leader in the domain of Cyber Peace and in 2014 established the Cyber Peace Alliance, a global think/do tank of cybersecurity and policy experts advancing the concept of a secure and trusted Cyberspace. In September 2015, Val founded the Cyber Future Foundation and its Constituents including the Cyber Peace Alliance to take the initiative forward.

Val is known for his commitment to the information security community and is constantly engaged as a leader and contributor within many standards initiatives, security alliances, and consortiums. Val is a leader in the Global Cloud Security Alliance community, founder of North Texas Regional Cloud Security Alliance Organization and also a member of NIST Standard Development Organization efforts.