Ministry Guidance Program

Jan Daehnert
Dr. Jan Daehnert

The Ministry Guidance Program coordinates financial assistance available to qualifying Dallas Baptist University (DBU) Ministry Students pursuing a degree in preparation for a career in vocational and bi-vocational ministry. This is an annual application process requiring students to complete the First Year Application upon initial enrollment at DBU and the Renewal Application annually thereafter. DBU seeks to support students pursuing ministry with financial assistance through the Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT) Ministry Scholarship and the DBU Ministerial Scholarship. Students are required to complete an application once per academic year (Fall, Spring, Summer semesters). The deadline to submit a completed application for ministerial financial assistance is October 15 for the Fall/Spring/Summer, March 15 for the Spring/Summer, and June 15 for the Summer.

Ministry Scholarship

Funding is available to qualifying students in the following ways:

Accelerated Bachelor's and Master's Degrees

Accelerated Bachelor's and Master's Degree programs at DBU provide a means for individuals to attain knowledge and skills from both bachelor's and master’s degrees in a single accelerated process. Combining the degrees provides a faster track to graduation, proves to be more cost-effective, and gives the student the opportunity to enter the workforce sooner with a competitive advantage. Students wishing to enter an accelerated program should file a Statement of Commitment with their academic advisor.

The Graduate School of Ministry

Consider pursuing your graduate ministry degree at DBU! The Graduate School of Ministry offers a variety of ministry programs and concentrations. For further information, go to our Graduate School of Ministry page.